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Lumiere during RW

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I have been to Lumiere many times over the years, but this is the first time I have been there for RW. We had an amazing meal, perhaps my favorite of all of the times I have been there.

There were at least four choices for each course. Though none of the entrees spoke to me, I ordered the hake with artichokes in a broth. Though hake is not my favorite fish and I might buy it on special for a fish stew, it was perfectly cooked and I might say memorable. My DC had the pave of beef which she almost didn't order because I told her it would be like brisket. It was like the best brisket you ever tasted, meltingly tender, with a crispy crust. The salad was well composed, the artichoke soup was excellent, I loved my dessert of orange sorbet with citrus fruit salad and my DC thought that the chocolate mousse parfait was excellent. It was a little too sweet for me.

Michael must have been in the kitchen that night, and I loved how he took the creative challenge of RW and still gave the patrons a Lumiere expereince with less expensive ingredients, but still as many local ingredients as possible for this time of year. We never were rushed and we were treated the same as guests who spent twice as much on the meal.

Lumiere Restaurant
1293 Washington St., West Newton, MA 02465

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  1. Leviton is one of my favorite area chefs. I recall that they had a weekly fixed price which used to be close to the RW price. i recall the pave of beef on it for example.

    1. Lumiere is usually terrific, and my Restaurant Week meal there a few seasons ago was my best overall RW experience in Boston.


      Lumiere Restaurant
      1293 Washington St., West Newton, MA 02465

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        Best Restaurant Week experience for me too

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          Make that a third.

      2. I went for Sunday off the RW Menu. DC got the Salt cod cake/fritter, hake, and apple betty, I got the bass tartare (+$4 supplement), beef pave, and mango sorbet. Salt cod cake was very good, dc loved it, bass tartare was very good as well. It had a thin layer of avacodo (puree?) on top of it, which I thought actually took away from it, and then a soy/ginger? sauce w/seseme seeds which was great. The Hake was cooked perfectly, a nice sear on the outside, "medium rare" on the inside. I was not nearly as head over heels about the Pave which wasn't bad, but I found to be a dry and not very flavorful. It came it a stew like sauce with beans and root vegetables which was pretty good. Brown betty was good, but the Mango Sorbet was amazing. It tasted so much like real mango, not too sweet, and had bits of Mango on top. Best sorbet I've had. While not the best meal I've ever had, definitely at the top of the list for RW.

        1. I can't resist chiming in. We ate there 3 times this RW (and eat there regularly the rest of the year.) I was extremely impressed by the quality and quantity of the RW food they offered. (I slightly preferred the choices/flavors during the first of the 2 weeks.) The first week's hake, the smoked trout salad, the chicken thighs, the chocolate souffle, the first week's Greek yogurt dessert and the mango sorbet were among the standouts for me. In terms of Michael being in the kitchen: he has been in the kitchen each and every one of the dozens of times I've eaten there: surely one of the hardest working chefs around. The place was packed on all three of my RW visits and I can only hope that it translates into equally stellar non-RW business for them. Well, maybe only *slightly* less stellar, since then it would still be possible to ordinarily get a table on the spur of the moment. ;-)

          1. I would echo all of this praise. Having dined on many RW menus in years past (no longer,) only two dinners still glow in my mind. First, Lumiere where I had a braised rabbit dish that I still long (and fail) to recreate at home. The second was at Radius, which I wrote a review of in 2009: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/644844

            Since then, I've always been VERY happy at Lumiere. And I will continue to sing Levitons praises for his involvement in local and sustainably sourced food for chefs and homecooks alike. I consider him a highly talented and respectable chef.

            Lumiere Restaurant
            1293 Washington St., West Newton, MA 02465