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Mar 16, 2011 11:44 AM

Do You Use Boxed Egg Whites For Baking?

I'm researching recipes for white cupcakes and many call for a large amount of egg whites, like 6 or 7. I'm not sure I want to commit to making something with the yolks in a timely manner, so I was wondering if anyone uses boxed egg whites, "Egg Beaters"?

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  1. When I need only egg whites for baking, I use Just Whites dehydrated pasteurized egg whites. You mix them up witjh warm water until they're foamy, and they beat up just as well as fresh egg whites, in my experience. They're sold at lots of supermarkets and are shelf stable, so they're always there in my pantry and I can use exactly the amount I need.

      1. I have recently started using the egg whites that come in a carton for breakfast every day. I can't tell the difference in taste between a fresh egg and the carton stuff. These are just egg whites in a "box" and should substitute in baking just fine. Just watch out that they aren't adding things to them - some of the liquid egg products are not just egg whites - they have coloring, soy, etc. added to them. But if the packaging says simply whites or something to that effect, that's exactly what they should be. Sure beats separating a whole whack of eggs (and dealing with leftover yolks!!).

        I recently came across a low fat cupcake recipe with egg white frosting and am going to use the carton egg whites this weekend for that, will let you know how it goes!

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          I've been making breakfast eggs using Kirkland's product and I too, can't tell the difference. Actually, what I do most of the time is use one real eggs with the whites. I just love the product and wonder why it took me so long to use them!

        2. I also tend to use them in things where the meringue isn't going to be cooked - mousse, meringue for pies, etc., etc., -- especially if it's for kids, as the whites are pasteurized.

          1. Yes, you can use boxed egg whites for the cupcakes. A bakery where I used to work would get gallons of egg whites to make cakes. I've also froze extra egg whites and used them in cakes and cakes would turn out fine. I don't think you can freeze egg yolks though.