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Mar 16, 2011 11:43 AM

Recipe booklets that come with cookware

We all have gotten these, do you keep them? Have you found any GOOD recipes in them before?

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  1. Yes I keep them, no I have not. In fact with my Kitchenaid Mixer, I actually tried a couple of the recipes. Ridiculous. Biscuity cake and overworked pancakes. Same with this blender cookbook I have.

    Can't seem to toss them though. Maybe it's about time.

    1. I always keep them and there are a few recipes from them that I regularly make:
      1. the banana bread recipe from my KitchenAid standing mixer
      2. the recipe for waffles from a wafflemaker that I was 3 waffle-maker's ago

      1. I even kept the booket from my pizza stone for well over a year even though I never used it. How ridiculous.

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          It depends on the appliance. Crockpot, yes; pressure cooker, yes; my first microwave in the early 80's, yes (it had a hollandaise recipe that actually worked pretty well, though I've probably lost it).

          News flash, good ol' google--I found that recipe!

          A new enameled cast iron post (bought on eBay, originally from QVC) came with a recipe booklet and on a whim I tried one of them, a Spanish rice and chicken. It wasn't bad, though kind of 70's-ish. My mother-in-law evidently used to make something very similar years ago.

        2. The only one I've kept is the one that came with my Kuhn-Rikon pressure cooker. It's a separate cookbook from the manual. I do use it - I've made a couple of the recipes which seem well tested but I use it most frequently to reference times for recipes i'm adapting to the pressure cooker and making the first time(ie, how long for a chicken thigh recipe or a lamb shank recipe).

          Everythign else got recycled along with the boxes for the cookware/appliance.

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