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Mar 16, 2011 11:22 AM

Off The Beaten Palate: Lump Crab Cakes with no stuffing- hard to find!

I have had more waiters out-right lie to me about the contents of their 'lump crab cakes'.
Maryland Lump Crab Cakes made to perfection, have no stuffing, and are hard to find.
But I've tasted these gems before.
What used to be Sidewalker's restaurant, in uptown Manhatten, made incredible Maryland, Lump Crab Cakes, that had no stuffing and they were delicious! All crab meat!
I was trying to figure out what was binding the ingredients together and made them perfectly shaped- never fell apart.
Can egg alone, bind the crab meat? Peraps they snuck some panko in there?
All the recipes I've found have breading or flour.
If you have a good recipe-with no stuffing, I'm ready to give it my taste test.

Note: when you ask a waiter if the 'lump crab cake' has stuffing, and the first word they utter is, "umm", beware!
Do I have to go "Off The Beaten Palate"?

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  1. There is a restaurant in Montreal that makes Maryland Lump Crab cakes, and they are amazing. They state that there is no stuffing. Relevant to you, the restaurant has a branch in NYC, and it's called Milos. Someone posted here a while ago that they prefer the NYC ones, so they must be exceptional as the ones in Montreal are wonderful.

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    1. re: souschef

      I've been to Milos, so next time, it'll be the Maryland crab cakes!
      Thanks a bunch- I can taste already!

      Eat Life! "Off The Beaten Palate"!

      1. re: ma_offthebeatenpalate

        When at Milos also try the grilled octopus and tuna sashimi. If Montreal is anything to go by .....

    2. I actually like to add some cracker crumbs to my crab cake, but I like them fried. I remember the Baltimore City paper had a nice crab cake article a few years back. They key is that to make a fillerless crab cake, bound by mayonnaise or egg yolk, is that they must be chilled and broiled in order not to fall apart. Pan fried crab cakes really do need a little more something as a binder (the key is to not go overboard, as many restaurants tend to do).

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        I'd even try to go as far as substituting the egg or mayo with yogurt. Yes, something has to bind them. I think no matter in the over or on top of the stove. Panko isn't that bad, when you think of it.
        I'm going to have to start experimenting with this one. Have a crab cake cook off-:)

      2. Here it is, more information than you probably want to know, courtesy of Henry Hong.

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        1. There was a similar request here last summer. Someone posted a recipe in which the binder was gelatin and a little pureed scallop.

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          1. re: EricMM

            Gelatin, that's a new one. Scallops- that sounds good.
            Scallops pureed? Yum! I'll have to post that recipe.

          2. Actually, the recipe on the can of Old Bay is pretty good. Instead of bread I use a leftover biscuit from Popeye's. One little piece of bread for a pound of jumbo lump crab is not too much.
            Take your cholesterol for a ride

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            1. re: phatface

              True, not too much. With the crab being somewhat high in Cholesterol, that bit of biscuit is not going to hurt.