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Mar 16, 2011 10:49 AM

6th 7th lunch picky college students

Hi, all,
I'm leading an informal tour of "foodie" Paris (mostly concentrating on chocolate and pastry shops) for a group of about 10 American college students next week. I don't know these students yet, but the ones I had last year were extremely picky and suspicious of new foods, although they claimed to be willing to expand their palates by going on this tour.
If the weather is good, I will probably take them shopping and we will picnic on bread and cheese and charcuterie, etc. But if it's not, I'd like to find a place to take them that will 1) give them a good impression of French food; 2) be relatively friendly to a large-ish group of somewhat boisterous American kids; 3) not cost an arm and a leg. I'm thinking of Café Constant or Les Cocottes since we're going to be focused on the 6th and 7th arrondisements. Any more suggestions?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. 1. You're a saint.
    2. I think Dans Les Landes may fit your bill but, - forgive me, - am not sure whether I should subject one of my fave eateries to this.
    3. The Enfants Rouges market may also be ok. Your students will see different food stalls selling different things, from poulet rôti to couscous. Nothing too radical revolutionary, but they will be exposed to a not-too-threatening version of a Paris market.
    4. You're a saint.

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      Thanks for the tips--think Polidor looks like a good choice. I love Enfants Rouges, but my husband has dibs on taking the students there during a "market tour" (4 markets, 4 very different neighborhoods). And the fact that the school is giving me a "chocolate budget" for this tour is keeping that serene look on my face :-)

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        You have a chocolate budget? I feel like insulting you ! La vie est belle...

    2. Your two choices are just fine for a small group, which you don't have. Those two will not work, they are just too small and don't take reservations. Opt for one of the brasserie types in the 6th or 5th. Or chose one that has a large terrrasse, like Cafe de L'Esplanade in the 7th.. Maybe Polidor etc.

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        I concur with Polidor. Approachable menu, doable prices, central casting ambiance.