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Mar 16, 2011 08:44 AM

Primal, Napa - September 2011

This event isn't until September, but I was wondering if anyone here had been to the previous two events, and what their impression(s) were...

Will probably buy VIP tickets...

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  1. We went last year and had a great time.....If you're a BBQ foodie and enjoy micro brew and some great wine....Then this is the place. Not to mention the crowd was casual. We will be getting VIP tickets this year as it gives access to seafood and some other drinks. I hear this year it will be at a bigger venue Charles Krug winery.

    1. I was there last year. Younger casual, monied crowd. Great wine and food vendors that happily answered any and all questions. The food was the best EVER, Alembic had some bourbon infused with rosemary drink, and there was one or two microwbrews and lots of wine!

      The bad:
      - This particular day was WELL over 100 degrees! (not the fault of the orgainzer)
      - There is precious little seating and ever less shade. I would have liked to see a bunch of picnic tables were you could site with your food and drink instead of standing for 5 hours.
      - Only a couple cold water stations were available.
      - Many of the wine vendors did not prepare to keep their wine at a drinkable temp. Warm white wine is nasty.
      - No music.

      Would I go again? In a heart beat!

      1. I got to go to the first one at Chase Cellars a few years ago. Back then it was only $50/ticket, but that felt like a steal. I would even recommend it at $100pp.


          This is the link to this years event. It has moved to August 13th at Charles Krug Winery in Napa.

          Charles Krug Winery
          2800 Main St St, Helena, CA

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