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Mar 16, 2011 08:21 AM

Nice dinner in the Hague

I'm staying at a friend's place in the Hague and would like to take him out for a nice dinner. He's with wife and small child, so keep that in mind as far as recommended location.

Any suggestions? Any type of food is fine.

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  1. If the 'small child' is 3-10 years old: just go for Dutch traditional pancakes at 't Pannekoekenhuisje Scheveningen. Or check out:

    1. If you are conscious of value and price Fouquet offers good value. The restaurant is never too packed so a young child would not be an issue. They provide a 3-course meal for Euros 25 excluding drinks.

      1. A few weeks ago my 13 year old and I ate at Het Kabinet. Great fresh seafood at affordable prices lots of locals. They offered a fixed meal--three courses for about 25 euros.

        1. try a rijsttafel -- it's an indonesian 'rice table'- quite a LOT of food, but all delicious and a great value, any indonesian restaurant in the hague will have this on the menu.

          1. In the Hague you can go to: very childfriendly and afffordable. If the wheather is nice I would go to one of the restaurants directly on the Scheveningen beach for instance: Doen (small St Tropez) or Whoosah ( or Boomerang ( Always fun for kids and a nice ambiance for the parents.