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Cake pops in Toronto?

I've noticed that Starbucks recently introduced their version of adorable little cake pops - a hybrid of cake and lollipops. I've read about them being a hot trend, but I can't seem to find info on whether any bake shops in Toronto sell them. Of course I had to try Starbuck's version because they were new to me and adorable (I tried the tiramisu flavour. it was fine - a coating of semi-hard chocolate and what felt like un-fully cooked cake dough on the inside), but I want to try a version from a real bake shop! Does anyone know of a place that makes them in Toronto?

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  1. The unfully-cooked mouth feel is likely from the way they are made. Essentially you bake a cake, then reduce it to crumbs and mush the crumbs together with some sort of binder such as icing to create the balls. So it has a much softer, more moist feel.
    I can't think of any bakeries that I have seen though, which is a bit surprising now that I think of it. It's quite a trend, people are the office are always bringing them in.


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      So when you say people at the office are always bringing them in, does that mean they bake the cake pops themselves? This whole curiosity about cake pops started at our office too! We'll have to start doing the same!

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        Oh, sorry, I should have been more clear! Yes, they are making the cake pops themselves. They aren't too hard to make if you don't plan to go crazy on the decorating.

        I suspect some are from a cake mix and jarred icing rather than from scratch, ;) but it's still nice of them to share the treats.

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          Starbucks was giving them away free at the airport on Friday. Inedible and disgusting, I thought.

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            Great! Well, if there are none but Starbucks available in Toronto right now, I guess we'll have to learn how to make them! I wouldn't call Starbucks' version inedible, but I know they've got so much potential in the right hands!! I'm sure it's only a matter time before the cupcake shops around the city start to make them...

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              The Cookbook Store sells a book on Cake Pops. I've been twiddling around in my head with the idea of a savory "cake pop".

              Think cornbread instead of cake, pommes puree (or grits) instead of icing, and then wrap the whole thing in chicken skin and deep fry. It's like a fried chicken dinner in your mouth!

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            If you do decide you want to make them, apparently now there's a gadget!


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              I like the idea of this gadget--making a round ball of cake rather than mixing crumbs with icing. It seems like you could also make takoyaki or Timbits with that device.

              I tried the Starbucks cake pop (vanilla) yesterday ($1.68 including tax). It did seem (and taste) like undercooked cake--which makes me think that it would be better if you just used a round ball of cake rather than using the crumb/icing mixture.

              I have not tried a cake pop anywhere else, so don't know if a bakery version would be any better than Starbucks.

              Here's a video I found on how to make cake pops. Seems pretty simple. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpIifr...

        2. Petite thuet sells cake balls. Cake pops without the stick.

          1. Groupon has a deal today for cake ball from Fro the Love of Cake in Liberty Village. I think it's $11 for 10 or 12 cake balls.

            1. They have em at the Big Chill on College, I didn't really like it though

              The Big Chill
              566 College Street, Toronto, ON M6G 1A1, CA

              1. Yes, I got a dozen for my birthday, in 4 flavours, from a "lady from Woodbridge who sells them in North York"...I will investigate the actual name and address. They were good, indeed like not-fully-cooked cake, but not too sweet.

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                  Reporting back finally! http://www.lavishcupcakes.com/index2.php Lavish Cupcakes makes the cake pops I received for my birthday. 8611 Weston Road unit 34B

                  I am also curious to try these: http://www.ccpops.ca/toronto-cake-pop...

                  I bought the Bakerella cake pop cookbook when it was 20% off at Chapters...so gorgeous.

                  Here's an explanatory article by Jennifer Bain: http://www.thestar.com/living/food/ar...

                2. Sweet Sushi by Jessica had a groupon recently. She makes cake pops and cake balls. They're a bit sweet for my taste, but that might just be me.


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                    What gorgeous photos! Thanks for the link. Has anyone tried "sweet sushi"? Does it taste uber-sweet and look better than it tastes?

                  2. Dolled Up Cupcakes Inc. has a booth at this weekend's T&T night market and is selling 3 flavours of cake pops for $2.50 each. I had the chocolate one and it was perfect! (They keep them in a cooler, thank goodness).

                    1. www.Dessertdivas.ca

                      I had them at an engagement party. the best ones I've had to date. not oily (like some of the ones available). it was hard to stop at eating at 2 or 3, so be warned. they're REALLY good! and they're a newish small business, so its nice to support an up and comer.

                      1. I had the cake pops at starbucks and I have to say I was a bit disapointed. I don't like writting negative reviews but... I just wasnt too impressed.

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                          I ordered cake pops from Swee-T Candy creations in Richmond Hill. Great!!