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Mar 16, 2011 05:12 AM

Won Ton wrapper cups or something else?

My 10 year old daughter is testing for her black belt in TaeKwonDo in 10 days (forgive my bragging). We have been invited to a party afterwards with people she has gone to class with over the last 6 years to celebrate the new black belts, so our interaction with them has been limited.

Not really knowing anyone really well, I would like to take something that would have broad appeal. I have not worked with wontons before. I have 3 fillings, all cold, that I would like to put in them... a chicken salad that I get requests for all of the time, smoked salmon and cream cheese, and an asian cole slaw.

Can I bake them until crispy, fill them just before leaving. and still have them stay crunchy for a few hours with wet fillings. Do you have any tips? Would you suggest using something else.


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  1. I like these mini shells by Athena better than baked won ton wrappers:

    I put the fillings into a zip lock bag and clip the corners to fill the cups. Instead of smoked salmon and cream cheese, you could do a smoked salmon mousse which pipes better. It's easier to keep the bags in a cooler than the filled shells.

    It takes no time to fill and if you want to doctor it up, have chopped chives, dill, paprika, etc. in bags. Congrats to your daughter, btw.

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      I use those all the time too, if I am serving right away. I have a bunch of boxes in the freezer right now. They definitely get soggy after a short time, unless you have a method that I don't know about. I always bake to crisp them up and then fill and bake again if I am doing a hot filling.

      Thanks for the recipe and the congrats.

      1. re: lisaress

        I fill them last minute and haven't had problems but maybe they disappear too quickly. I'd consider using vegetables as a base--like sliced cucumber, endive, red pepper. People would probably appreciate the healthier alternative, especially when it's tasty. I keep the filling in pastry bags with a tip so it looks nice but then I can't ask others to help out, in that case, if they don't know how to pipe. But everyone manages the zip lock bags well.

        1. re: chowser

          I'm thinking, too, I should bring bags and resupply as they are eaten. That way I won't have a bunch of soggy apps to take home that no one wants. I could do that whether I use the wonton cups or the phyllo cups. I am not practiced in piping, so they will have to deal with my lesser presentation. Thanks!

    2. Why not put a layer of lettuce in the bottom of each cup to catch the liquid? Not foolproof but would probably help!