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Jan 9, 2006 08:04 PM

Velvet Margarita Cantina

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Anyone been?

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  1. food is expensive for mexican food ($15-20/entree) and not great - but not bad either. it's more of a club scene than a restaurant. cute decor and good drinks - but i would skip the food.

    1. s
      Someone you know

      Don't waste your time. $15 for an auntree of mexican typicla food you could find elsewhgere for $2-4. Nothing special, nothing wow.

      Nuch better off with a place like dos burritos or los burritos. The fare is a 3rd of the price and sadly three times better. Hell Benitos might be better.

      If you do go, stay away from their bisque.


      1. h
        hollywood gary

        i f'n love this place!

        1. my friends and i always make this part of our night. the food is great, the ambience is amazing! can't wait for cinco de mayo!

          1. I just visited last night, 2 years after my first visit.
            I really like this's not the finest cuisine, but the vibe is fun.
            The $15 includes a soup or salad (the salad was large, the soup was a small cup)
            All entrees set at $15 makes splitting the check easy. For the location and "scene", $15 is pretty good. You also get chips and three dips.
            This is the kind of place I would love to bring tourists. It's so funky. Also, the service on a Friday night was great, no attitude even though I'm far from trendy looking.