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Mar 15, 2011 10:25 PM

Catering in B-more/Columbia??

I'm a ex-B-more chowhound who fled to the green pastures of Portland, OR. I got married recently and will be having a reception back at my parents house in Columbia in May. I would like to find a caterer for about 50+ folks for an h'ordeuvres reception. Any one know any local restaurants that would cater? Or good caterers?? Have been gone for a bit, so rather out of the loop. Thanks for any advice, will happily repay w/ Portland recs if anyone ventures out here!

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  1. List of caterers I have used in the past 7 years

    Palate's Delight - the owner is Shelly Frieden


    Catering Company of Washington - owner is Elizabeth
    This company has its own location on 14th and L both have excellent menu and awesome service.

    1. Do you mean cater as in "food and staff?" Or do you just mean a restaurant that would provide/deliver the food?

      I think there are many restaurants that will put together the food, but can't staff the reception.

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        cater as in food and staff - my parents would be grumpy if I asked them to clean up!

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          Asean Bistro will provide both food and staff... of course they also just do delivery, but they have the whole shebang, including a chef that will cook for you on site (I think).

          Asean Bistro
          8775 Centre Park Dr Ste 7, Columbia, MD 21045

      2. Jesse Wong's Asean Bistro does a great job of catering and is very reasonable for what you get. I was just reading the January issue of Washingtonian and was pleasantly surprised that they were listed in the top 100 restaurants in the DC area. Rightly so, their food is amazing. But they will do off-site catering, we had them for a party and people went absolutely nuts for it. They are located right there in Columbia.

        Asean Bistro
        8775 Centre Park Dr Ste 7, Columbia, MD 21045

        1. We had a small reception of around 50+ last year for which we used Zeffert and Gold. They made everything really easy and talked me down from ordering too much food for the number of people that attended.

          You are very fortunate to live in Portland. I used to live there and still miss it. We moved back here when my children were born so they could be near grandparents. We'll be vacationing in Portland at the end of June, so I'd like to take you up on your offer of recommendations. The only thing I remember is conveyor belt sushi at Sushi King(?) and McMinimins for beer and a movie. What's good nowdays?

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            Thanks for the rec, we'll look into them. We just had a little baby and have been thinking about moving back to B-more for the family factor too. but the food, and the schools, and the safety... anyhoo: lots and lots of lovely food out here. The hot sushi place now is Bamboo Sushi (higher end, sustainable). many, many places for pacific northwest, locavore cuisine: Le Pigeon's chef just got nominated as the James Beard Rising Star, beaker & flask is great for good food and inventive cocktails, pok pok gets lots of press for good thai (chef was also named on James Beard finalists). let me know if you have other, more specific questions! perhaps it won't be raining by June...


            Catered our wedding, a gala for a non profit im on and does private dinners for my family...

            AMAZING. Food, service, selection...all A+++