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Mar 15, 2011 08:30 PM

Bad service at Canoe

We met some friends for drinks at the bar at Canoe. The bar snacks, drinks, and dessert were all good. I should also mention there was about 8 people at the bar and at one point an added group of ten came in for one drink each. There were two bartenders on, one, I imagine to help on the dining room's orders, plus runners, and a manager. Here's what was wrong with service:
-initial drink order took about 15 minutes to make, once again there was about 8 people at that point. She did apologize for the wait.
-food order, which consisted of a club sandwich and springrolls, took a good 30 minutes to arrive.
-two guests asked for water but it was never offered to the rest of us.
-after the food was cleared, it took another 15 minutes for someone to take the second drink order and dessert order and finally clear the empty glasses.
-dessert cutlery wasn't pre set, runner which brought the food didn't notice the cutlery wasn't set, after sitting with desserts in front of us for 5 minutes, we had to call over for cutlery.
-empty glasses stayed on the table for the rest of the evening.
-I'm assuming the lady in the suit was the manager, she walked by the table a couple of times when something needed clearing and either didn't send someone over or didn't clear it herself.

I've had more attentive service in pubs. But maybe someone having two drinks, one bar snack, and one dessert at $80 a head pre tip isn't worth their time.

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  1. Correction, it was $70 pre tip. My apologies.

    1. This is atypical. They must have been short-staffed. Most of your criticisms have to do with slow service, not missed or rude service. However, for a restaurant of this calibre, consistency is critical, so hopefully this was a one-time thing.

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      1. re: vidkid

        Bad service at Canoe, Really? that's a surprise (dripping sarcasm)

      2. Yep. Any restaurant that is up there in the clouds pretty much sucks
        ie......Canoe, CN Tower.....

        And Canoe is constantly training new staff. Can't seem to keep them

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        1. re: NoFixedAddress

          Lumping Canoe in with the CN Tower is about as ill-informed as it gets around here, and that's saying something.

          1. re: childofthestorm

            Thank you for that childofthestorm! Exact Thoughts.

          2. In the past I've generally had positive experiences with service at OB restaurants. We went to Biff's a few months ago when I thought it was noticeably understaffed and we still received great service. If the amount of people they had at the bar, 8 for most of the night, and for the times I encountered problems, can't be handled by the amount of staff they had on, then they have far bigger issues then the ones I outlined.
            I hate complaining to management at the table for two reasons; one it ruins everyones night, and two it can look like a ploy to get something comped. I did look for the manager when we were leaving, but I didn't see her.
            I was honestly a little shocked that Canoe wasn't better. If I was late with the initial drink order and if the food was late arriving at the table, I would make damn sure that the rest of the evening went perfectly. Instead it felt like they just didn't care.

            1. re: dubchild

              did you contact them afterwards, as in via a phone call or e-mail?

              that is when i find out if the place really cares or not. i am explicit i don't want freebies and that i just want acknowledgement of the problems and an attempt to look into them. if they cannot do that then they do not care at all. you would be surprised how many just ignore it.