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Mar 15, 2011 07:18 PM

"Gourmet" - A Korean TV Drama that is SO all about the food.

I first found "Pasta" a great comedy/drama based around a Pasta restaurant on It is a Korean TV show, the episodes run about a hour and fantastic wonderful food is a key component. Yes, it is subtitled.

But now I have found "Gourmet" a Korean drama showcasing Royal Court and traditional Korean food. I am so far only into my 3rd episode, but it is so good, the food stuff is incredible.

Foodies who like to what foodie shows, should find these fantastic. Stories are fun too.

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  1. Cool. Do you think I could improve my Korean food cooking skills by watching this program? Or do you know of any Korean food cooking shows?

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    1. re: lilmomma

      I think that it will make you drool, and learn more bout how expansive and diverse Korean food is but as for learning, I do not think so. Lots of You Tube videos that look good.

      The TV show is just great, Iron Chef with drama, romance and comedy!

      1. re: lilmomma

        We have learned one important Korean cooking technique from watching cooking dramas like Gourmet, Fermentation Family (Kimchi Family), Pasta (to a lesser extent, since it's mostly focused on European food), etc -- it's called 'boiltheshitoutofit'.

        I think aside from techniques, we have definitely gotten some inspiration for things to make from watching these shows.

        A few other recommendations here:

        "Kimchi Family" and "Pasta" are both really good.

        1. re: will47

          Just finished watching "Feast of the Gods" on Monday night. That was very good and is very current, just finished last episode airing in South Korea this month. Kimchi Family is next up. Since they are very long and addicting, I usually take a day or so to watch the entire run,
          Viki is an excellent site for seeing these. also has them.


          1. re: Quine

            Hulu's are via Drama Fever -- another good source, though if you want to watch ad-free or on the iPad app, you have to pay. Hulu / Drama Fever are the only "legal" (i.e., officially licensed) ones I know of in the US, but is also good (download only vs. streaming only).

            1. re: will47

              I was quite happy with Dramafever is OK. Hulu is a good way for me to track whats around in this area. But I will probably stick with viki.

      2. I watched one last night. Funny. I got a bit tired of all the closeup shots of anquished faces during the competition but food was interesting.

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        1. re: tcamp

          Yeah well, it is a Drama, and certainty we see those sorta shots as well on each and every cooking type show like Iron Chef, top Chef, Chopped et al.
          But good food stuff. I am at episode 13.

        2. I am happy u led meto find the shows.
          so far, I have viewed first episode of "gourmet"