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Mar 15, 2011 06:54 PM

Sous Vide Lamb Stew

I know this sounds crazy... but I've been reading the Alinea cookbook, so blame Grant Achatz, haha :)

I just got a new Sous Vide and vacuum sealer and I want to start trying some funky stuff. I'm going to vacuum seal each part of the stew individually with herbs and such to impart unique flavor so...

What herbs, spices, zests, or flavors in general pair well with:
Celery Root
Russet Potato
Butternut Squash

Also I HAVE to use Guinness since I'm serving in on St. Paddy's Day so I was thinking of making a marinade for the lamb with Guinness and vanilla bean... too weird?? If not, what other flavors would complement the vanilla and Guinness as well as the lamb?

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