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Mar 15, 2011 06:52 PM

Where to get wood chunks for a BBQ smoker in Baltimore?

I just got a Weber Smokey Mountain BBQ smoker. Anyone know of a good place to get wood chunks for smoking in it? I've seen hickory chips at the Home Depot out by Bayview, but no other varieties, and only bags in chip form. I'd rather get them locally than ordering off the web if possible. Thanks in advance!

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    1. I've purchased wood chunks (I think by Weber) at Home Depot, but, while they have charcoal all year round if you know where to find it, the wood chunks tend to be seasonal.

      If there's a decent old fashioned hardware store in your neighborhood, you might try there.

      1. You can probably find them at Bass Pro Shops. I don't think there's one in Baltimore, but Arundel Mills isn't too far away.

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          Call Watson's Garden Center in Lutherville. They are one of Weber's authorized dealers and service providers.

        2. This is great! Thanks everyone!

          1. I used to have a source that hooked me up with fruit wood and other well seasoned hardwoods, but lately I've gotten lazy and have been getting results that are just as good with a combo of kingsford, various hardwood lump charcoals, and hickory or cherry chips from any good hardware, and sometimes the grocery store.

            I have the WSM that I use for large cuts, and an offset cooker for ribs and chicken. I use the lump charcoal more for the offset as it burns faster and hotter, and standard charcoal for long cooks on the WSM when I want consistent heat. Handsful of well soaked chips in both for the first couple hours of either application.