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Mar 15, 2011 06:25 PM

Restaurant ideas in Nice area in July...

I would love any ideas for restaurants and non-restaurant food related places...any michelin star restaurants? any good places for foie gras?? thanks so much!

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  1. Michelin Stars in Nice (1 star)

    Keisuke Matsushima (great!)
    L'Univers (don't bother)

    Also of note is Millésime 82.
    La Petite Maison has a fantastic chicken stuffed with foie gras dish. Make a reservation well in advance.

    In the old town, pick up the wonderful Nicois Socca at Lou Pilha Lehva. Street food. Stop in a boulangerie for Pissaladière, Nicois "pizza". (No tomato, but loads of caramelized onions). A full lunch street food is Pan Bagnat, a giant round tuna sandwich with loads of olive oil and veggies.

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      Millésime 82 was sold in January and has recently reopened as Les Deux Canailles. The new team came from Keisuke Matsushima, as the team at Flaveur did before, so I have high hopes for it, but will not be back in Nice until Easter so haven't tried it yet.

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        BTW Beaulieu-- when did Maeterlinck close? Seemed like a fabulous spot. Similar story to Metropole?