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Mar 15, 2011 06:25 PM

Restaurant ideas in Nice area in July...

I would love any ideas for restaurants and non-restaurant food related places...any michelin star restaurants? any good places for foie gras?? thanks so much!

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  1. yodbug,

    Please paraphrase your request with some specifics about what you want to experience and where you plan to live and for how long and maybe a few references to a search or two within the chowhound history of comments on France on subjects of food and restaurants of interest to you during your visit and then I'd be certain you will receive great advice on this board.

    Or, stick with what you have said so far and use the search function above as foie gras is addressed daily here and Michelin restaurants have about five active threads going as we speak.

    And, have fun in Paris! It's why you are visiting...