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Mar 15, 2011 06:11 PM

Freds Franks Opening for the season on Friday!!!

Just got an email from Freds. there's a new owner now....what happened to Fred???

Opening day Friday 3/18/11

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  1. You beat me too it! The new owner, Carl, said he has a second Big Green Egg, and a new kielbasa. Hope he keeps the habanero sauce.

    Green Eggs
    576 Metacom Ave, Bristol, RI 02809

    1. I think Fred was getting burnt out. He sold to this guy Carl. I met him last year and he seems like a good guy. He wants to keep the Freds Franks menu as close as possible to the same thing that makes it so good, while introducing some new items. It will be interesting to see how a second big green egg is incorporated into things. I wonder if they built a new trailer or modified the existing one.
      Can't wait for a jumbo, crispy with onions and habanaise.