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Mar 15, 2011 05:09 PM

Japan benefit dinner

Just reading about this benefit for Japan dinner in NOW featuring top Toronto chefs and hosted by Michael and Nobuyo Statdlander: "Daisuke Izutsu of Kaiseki Sakura, Chris McDonald of Cava, Anthony Rose of the Drake, Anthony Walsh of Canoe, James Higgins of the George Brown culinary school, Adam Colquhoun of Oyster Boy and Jamie Kennedy of Gilead Café and Michael Statdlander of Eigensinn Farm reunited under mentor Hiro Yoshida."

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I'd love to go, but I'm out of town.

    1. This looks heartfelt. Nice to see 100% disclosure on the funds. I've become very cynical about how "established" charities handle and disperse donations.

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      1. re: Kagemusha

        Agh! I have to find a DC to go with; hopefully they don't sell out of seats before then!

        1. re: table4onthefly

          Also mentioned on Toronto Life's website: Toronto chefs and Ontario wineries join forces for Japane earthquake relief dinner

        2. re: Kagemusha

          100% disclosure, likely because they are not offering charitable receipts. This annoys me.

          1. re: dlw88

            You have to be a registered charity to give out receipts. It's not realistic to do that when it's a one off fundraiser.

            1. re: dlw88

              If the receipt matters more than the donation, then give where you get one. Too many established charities soak up huge amounts of cash in administrative costs, salaries, consulting fees, etc. Their financial statements are eye-openers.

              1. re: Kagemusha

                The money raised is still going to this established charity.

                1. re: dlw88

                  charitable receipts are dependent on the perceived received value. if the food and drink and maybe even some of the value of the services rendered are considered to be $100pp then you'd be getting one for the $150 difference. now that just adds complication for a charity that never sanctioned or created this event and that likely gets hit up for charitable receipts all the time... you just cannot do it otherwise it opens a huge loophole.

                  unless it is the major fundraiser for a non-profit for charitable group, you will likely never see a charitable receipt. normally they don't charge as high so it's less noticeable or thought of. if you want that receipt then just go out for a $100 dinner and donate $150 straight to the charity/non-profit and you've saved the resto having to donate their time and food to an event to get people to donate money.

                  i don't know if it helps at all, but some fundraising events take 40-60% of what they bring in just to do the event... regardless of the other administrative fees just to run the charity itself.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Just fyi I was at Hiro yesterday and there is a sign on the door about a second charity food event being held at Forte Bistro with some of the same people but a lower price point - $150 a head - and more of a cocktail party format. It will be on April 4.

              1. Is it normal to have gratuity as extra at these type of things? I am used to seeing fundraising dinners as a flat rate ticket price. Maybe because as pinstripeprincess mentioned it is a one-off fundraiser they are doing it like this. If it is 13% percent on top of $250 for tax and another 15-20% on top for gratuity it sure adds up. Regardless, I am sure it will sell out because it is for a good cause and great line up (maybe already sold out)..