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Mar 15, 2011 05:03 PM

Le 21 Mazerine

Le 21 keeps intruding on my radar and I had planned to give it a go on our next visit. But, skeptic that I am, I continue to read reviews which seem to fall at both ends of a continuum, love or hate. Our next visit to France provides very few evenings in Paris and I'd like to spend them well.

Is 21 worth the purported annoyances experienced while securing a reservation, what not a few reviewers call rude and absurdly slow service in order to enjoy Paul Minchelli's inventive take on pristine fish? Experiences, please.

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  1. I went with Steve P, who generously invited me a couple of years ago. It was good, but calling it inventive seemed excessive to me. I don't know about the reservation process, but the place sure feels like one of those French men's club. I almost left when I came in with my camera around my neck and the chef told me "we don't serve tourists here". But once they're nice, they're OK.

    The fish is indeed pretty good, but nothing mind blowing. Here are some pics:

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      Thanks, Soup. Sounds like the champagne is warmer than the reception and the fish not as delicious as your story.