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Mar 15, 2011 04:42 PM

The Berkshires in April

My husband, son and I are going to Western Massachusetts in April. We are staying near Williamstown and are looking for places to eat. Our son is just 6 months old so we will only have opportunities to go out for breakfast, lunch or early dinners. If there are any good take-out places in the area that we could prepare (we will have a full kitchen) that would be appreciated too. We are planning many daytrips to Northampton, Lenox and anywhere else!

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  1. Hello! Lots of great & family friendly places in Pittsfield. For a delicious & affordable breakfast or lunch I highly recommend Cafe Reva on Tyler Street. Kid friendly too. Take out from Mad Jack's Barbeque on Fenn Street is great for lunch or dinner, lots of yummy food for not much, had the spicy catfish sandwich with sweet potato fries from there today for lunch! For ethnic food, Shabu 297, Flavours Malaysian Restaurant and La Fogata, a Colombian restaurant are all yum & kid friendly.

    Cafe Reva
    238 Tyler St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

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      Have to disagree on Mad Jacks. Have eaten there twice; both times the meats were insipid, and the sides ranged from barely passable to inedible (a rancid slaw.) Definitely not a star of the Berkshires.
      Have only eaten at Saigon on Spring St in Williamstown once, but it was pretty good, and definitely kid friendly.
      There are a lot of postings on CH for child-friendly in the Berkshires, so try a search.