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Mar 15, 2011 04:07 PM

Chablis? Is that a wine?

I realize Maison is not a mecca for foodies, but we like to go there for lunch or brunch when we're in NYC. I like their croque monsieur and my daughter loves the cheeseburger. Anyway, we were there Sunday and the young waiter was obviously very new. Had to keep repeating orders while he wrote, but that's cool. I asked if they had a chablis by the glass and he looked confused, but said he would check. A few minutes later a lady server came to the table asking what I had ordered. When I said I wanted to know if they had a chablis by the glass, she said, "Chablis? Is that wine?" I'm just sayin'...

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  1. That's funny you mention this - yesterday I bought a Chablis in a liquor store and the young cashiers were having problems scanning the bottle. "Just type in Chablis" said one cashier to the other. He responded, "That's the flavor, not the manufacturer..."

    1. It's actually a serious issue, I don't understand why management would hire people without any knowledge of food or drink ..... it really undermines NY. If you're visiting and the staff is clueless it's not a very good message. I remember too I was looking for Aquavit which is sort of tucked away and went into the Ferrari dealership opposite to ask and they had never heard of it - it's a bit depressing when no one pays any attention!

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        I'm not sure I get the logic as to why you insinuate that people working the Ferrari dealership should know where Aquavit is.

          1. re: RCC

            Well the Ferrari dealer is across the street... but a more apt analogy is that you went to the Ferrari dealer and asked them how many horsepower a car had and they said it runs on gas... A waiter should have a passing familiarity with types of wine, and types of meats and types of bread and so on

            1. re: msny98

              Well, in that case, I'm probably the worst guy in my neighborhood to ask if I know where XXXXXXXX Cleaners is in the neighborhood. It's right across where I currently live ever since I've lived there, but since I don't care for it and since I bring my clothes elsewhere, the "across the street thing won't work for some people. Your "apt" analogy has more merit though.

              Btw, I did indicate "XXXXXXXX" as the name of the cleaners because I TRULY don't know the name.

            2. re: RCC

              I just meant that they are across the street with a desk which looks out at a sign that says Aquavit and they never noticed!

            3. re: bronwen

              Go try to find staff to work for the wages they are offering who are knowledgable about can do.