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Mar 15, 2011 03:23 PM

Semolina: can't track down semolina meal (not flour)

I'm eager to make one of my favorite desserts, semolina pudding, but am having trouble tracking down the main ingredient. I've been living in Australia, where semolina is commonly referred to as just "semolina" (ex: and is easy to find in grocery stores. Upon moving to the U.S., I can only find semolina flour, which I don't want. I'm looking for the pre-flour stuff.

After doing a fair amount of research, I cannot find out how to track some semolina meal down. Anyone know if it's called something else here? Any site tips where I can buy some?

Any tips in general on solving this mystery is much appreciated :)

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  1. Look for Cream of Wheat in your local grocery store, or if you have an indian market, they will have it. The hindi word is "suji" or "sooji".

    1. You're awesome, thank you! I was just reading that suji/sooji/soji is widely available in Indian markets, so I'll definitely explore that route. (Something like: