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Mar 15, 2011 02:15 PM

Downtown Vancouver restaurant with dance floor?

We are looking for a restaurant that has a dance floor (even if it is small as long as there is one) for a bachelorette party. The bride doesn't want to go to a nightclub but wants to dance and based on the other activities it has to be downtown so Federicos isn't an option. Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Not sure how strict of a definition of a restaurant you want, but I believe there are some of the pubs that will serve food and have a dancefloor (or move around things to have one).

    Some of the Donnelly Group places (Lamplighter, Metropole) I've definitely eaten at and then danced at. I can't really say that they had awesome food but thought I'd throw them out there. I think Vancouver's liquor laws often start getting in the way of fun...

    1. What about the Helm? I've not been so can't say anything about it. They go from restaurant to club later in the evening - perhaps a bit different from the usual club thing?

      Laguna Blu is one that came up when I googled [dine dance Vancouver


      1. sandbar has a dj fri and sat nights but its a bit of a cougar bar...

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          LOL that is hilarious:) yes definitely an older crowd...