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Mar 15, 2011 01:41 PM

ARRACHERA CARNE ASADA... does it exist in PHX?

Visiting LA hound here. Would love to sample some great Sonoran Mex while in the valley this weekend, and particularly the elusive arrachera which I've heard is only cheap enough to sell in tacos when the beef is raised in Mexico.

We're checking out America's and Roberto's based on Chowhound reviews, for the al pastor and carne asada.

Any other tips for great Sonoran/border Mex would be most welcome!


Mr Taster

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  1. I have not seen arrachera on a menu anywhere in the Phx area,They sell it in carnicerias,but that's about it.I got hooked on it in Mexico and always have my eyes open for it whenever I stop at a new place.
    I have not tried America's Taco Shop but I have tried Roberto's and I'm pretty sure you will not be impressed,nothing exceptional there.
    If you do find arrachera be sure and post where you find it.

    America's Taco Shop
    2041 N 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ

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    1. re: twodogs

      agree about roberto's being nothing special. gallo blanco at clarendon has killer carne asada tacos. another fave mexican place is el nopalito - its in a shady strip mall but shrimp tacos aregreat as are many of the other taco options on their menu.

      1. re: hungryinaz

        Sounds intriguing.... are these real Ensenada style shrimp tacos or they a "reinvention" of some sort?

        Mr Taster