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Mar 15, 2011 10:58 AM

Who has the best pizza in Berkshire County??

What's your go-to joint when you need a great local pizza?
I know this is subjective, and I am looking for personal passionate opinions.
I know many of the surrounding areas have better pizza, but I really want to know the favorites in the Berkshires.

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  1. I have traveled all over Berkshire County looking for the BEST pizza. Sad to say.... IMHO there are no good pizza places in the Shire. There are passable pizza places, but none that I would eat at. One reason that I have perfected the art of pizza creation at home. Pizza is one item in the Berkshires where no one is truly passionate enough about pizza to put out a memorable pie.

    1. My favorite is, and has been for 35+ years, the Tyler St. Pizza House in Pittsfield.

      1. Afraid it will be hard to help much as the selection is rather poor.
        I do like Baba Louie's but it's not really a replacement for "regular" pizza.
        Arizona Pizza is sort of acceptable.
        Hot Tomatoes in Pittsfield is better than most around here but calling it "good" might be a stretch.

        Sorry that's about the best I can do.

        Arizona Pizza
        51 Park St, Lee, MA 01238

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        1. re: nfnebwiri

          Arizona Pizza isn't bad at all, though it is by no means the top.

        2. Thanks for the opinions. What a bummer, I thought (hoped) it was just me, and there HAS to be good pizza here. Maybe not...
          Tyler St is ok, but so greasy and not chewy crust enough for me.
          Hot Tomatoes has been the best, but that's what spurred this post. Last weeks pie was less than!
          Not enough cheese, so the chunks of tomato were too overpowering. Crust was thinner than I remebered it, and it was too crisy and overbaked tasting, Not chewy at all!
          Ditto Baba Louise for me.
          Has anyone had East Side Cafe's?
          (I am the eternal optimist I'm afraid!)

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          1. re: cowgirlinthesand

            East Side is "you get what you get". The crust tastes like a cracker and the sauce is a step above tomato juice. Pizzerias are seen as easy money makers. But to have outstanding pizza you need someone who is totally devoted to pizza. If you notice, the best pizzerias are the places where the same guy has been making pies for over 20 years sometimes more, not a place run by teenagers or undocumented workers who don't have the "fire" for pizza. Wish it would change, the Berks neeed a good pizza joint!

            1. re: rhoneranger

              Give Vivaldi's a chance. It's in the strip mall where the cheesecake store is located; near Allendale Shopping Center.

              I like their regular slice and the white pizza is good. I find it closest to NY pizza....

                1. re: hopegoode

                  I found it kind of nasty tasting. I am a bit of a pizza nazi though.

                  1. re: breadfan

                    I got one of their menus in my mailbox when they first opened - now I have no inclination to try them.
                    'Nasty tasting' is enough to put me off for good!

                    1. re: cowgirlinthesand

                      I have to say I am VERY picky about pizza. More so than a lot of other food items. Pizza should be made with love and finesse, and I just don't get that anywhere in the Berks.

              1. re: cowgirlinthesand

                We travel to Torrington CT, 1 hour south of Gt. Barrington and get the best pizza at Anthony's, North main St Torrington...very informal, lots of cozy booths, good beer (peroni on tap, Rufino Chianti in bottles) open Sunday at noon and all afternoon. Yesterday we spilt a fried calamari side, one small pizza with mushrooms and three beers and the tab came to $32 and change...we left $40

                1. re: hepsi

                  if you're going all the way to torrington (my hometown), you have to check out pizzeria marzano. probably the best pizza i've had - they went to italy to study and have a great oven.

              2. Hot Tomatoes, Pittsfield & Williamstown
                Baba Louie's Pittsfield & GB
                East Side Cafe is worth a visit. Very atmospheric. Been awhile since I had the pizza there.
                The next issue of Berkshire Living is scheduled to have a big story on pizza in the Berkshires.

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                1. re: Berkmarvelous

                  I think the story is there IS no story.........
                  There really is no great pizza in the Berkshires.


                      1. re: mjoyous

                        I heard a rumor that there was a guy who ran an "underground" pizzeria from his home in Lenox once or twice a week. From what I've heard it's pretty amazing..... I'm going to try and hunt this person down and see if he exists or if it's just an urban legend. The Berkshires desperately need good pizza!

                  1. re: Berkmarvelous

                    Is Timothy's in Lee still open? Had a decent greek style pizza there last fall.

                    1. re: ginnyhw

                      Timothy's is still there. Most of their food is not bad but I really don't like their pizza, although I am biased against the greek style.

                    2. re: Berkmarvelous

                      I grew up in a family that made its own incredible pizza every year for the Super Bowl, so I'm pretty fussy, as well. Soon after moving here, I discovered I'm sensitive to gluten, dairy and soy, so my pizza explorations have been limited. My partner still craves great pizza, so when we're in the mood, we order from Hot Tomatoes, which is the closest I've found to the great pizzas from my hometown memories (Reading, PA, which apparently has lost most of its best pizzerias). We created our own bacon, garlic and cheese pizza at Hot Tomatoes, and I loved it so much that I braved several days of a stuffy nose and sore joints to eat three pieces. We've had good pies from Village Pizza and Pizza Works in North Adams. Then again, pizza seems to be one of those really subjective foods. Good luck in your quest. Did Berkshire Living print that story before it went belly up?

                      1. re: terrierboy

                        Hot Tomatoes is my place of choice. I DO make my OWN salad, though, to go with it...their salads do not travel well. Also, the wings are good, as are the panninis...I like that you can build your own. Also, I think Hot Tomatoes pizza travels really well. What I really lament is that Tom and Elizabeth used to have pizza...NOW, theirs was arguably the best...they stopped about fifteen years ago and took a lot of heat for that. It used to be wonderful on a miserable winter night to be able to call in an order and then bring your own salad bowl when you went to pick up the pizza. Tom would fill the bowl. Then you could go home, pop a great bottle of wine, and just have the whole meal in front of the fire. Oh, one other thing about Hot Tomatoes...they will, as do many other place, half bake the pizza for you, and, you can finish it off at home if you like.

                        1. re: AikiLou

                          Wow! You are the walking encyclopedia of Berkshires eateries. Thanks for sharing all the great information. We must try Elizabeth's, even without the legendary pizza. We'll have to try what you suggest with Hot Tomatoes. The recently closed Michael's in Williamstown had good pizza, which they had revived after years of cutting it from the menu. They also made one of the best Reubens we've ever had, and we lived in Metro NY for many years; NY and NJ boast some amazing Reubens.