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Mar 15, 2011 10:33 AM

Kebab and Tandoor/Food Bazaar

While food shopping at the new Indian mega grocery store(not Patals) on Moody st. I noticed that they had a food court and a restaurant downstairs. Always on the lookout for a new thing I ventured downstairs to peruse the establishment. At the Food Bazaar I tried a falafel wrap the was very tasty if different from other falafel I've had. The falafel itself was cooked perfectly, on the lighter side, not dense, and had a little kick to it. It had veggies and a tangy sauce, but not a tahini sauce. I enjoyed it. I came back the next day for a chicken shwarma wrap that was also very good. I plan to return with a group to try a bunch of varied things.The food court right now is developing as they have only two places. 1) Desi Fried Chicken , a salad bar in the middle and 2) the Food Bazaar which serves roll ups, platters, tandori, dosas, uttapum, thali, kababs and other Indian and Arabian delights. All the food looks fresh and is prepared well, and the prices are great, $4.99 for a roll up! Amazing!
The Kabab and Tandoor is a more formal sit down restaurant and a quick look around made me want to come back and try it. Everything looked fresh and tasty.

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  1. I checked out the new K&T last week for the lunch buffet. Nice modern space with all new tables, booths, and chairs - although a bit darker than I would like for lunch. Seems like even more tables than the last place on Main st. (K&T has come a long, long way from the hole in the wall they were at on Lexington St.). The buffet was the same food served at the Main st. location minus the red colored chicken dish they usually have, but had tandoori chicken instead (not much smoky tandoor oven flavor, but had a really good peppery rub). And they also offered the typical naan you see at other places instead of the afghani naan they used to offer. Also had samosas and tamarind sauce and that chutney which always tastes like pinesol to me. They had a garlicy potato and spinach dish that day which was outstanding. Now, if they would just bring back that garlicy, spicy cauliflower dish once in a while. ;-) Same price - $10+tax.

    Thanks for the falafel report as that was one of the items I was interested in from the food court.

    1. In case anyone is wondering, the market is called Waltham India Market at 315 Moody Street. The food bazaar & K&T are located in the basement of the market.