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Mar 15, 2011 07:39 AM

Would you want these guys to re-write your menu? [moved from General Topics]

Seriously, people selling themselves as restaurant consultants, who will re-write your menu, but have terrible spelling and grammar in their craigslist posting.

And, in case it gets taken down, here's a copy/paste of their ad:

Resturant consulation (Grater Cincinati


We are a consulting firm for restaurants ran by chefs. What we do is we provide the essential back-bone to restaurants, we help restaurants succeed by providing them with menu ideas and ways to run there establishment better and more efficiently. We want your restaurant to succeed. We offer our years of know how to you for you to use and grow. Essentially with new restaurants we will come in ask a few questions to get the feel of what type of place you would like to be then we will come up with a menu , equipment (pots,pans,staffing ,space ect. )lists for you. We then will go over the menus we have come up with you to come up with a final menu . The next step is we help train new/existing staff on the new menus. (again WE want you to succeed)We are different from all the others because we focus on the menu and staff development of your restaurant . If this sounds like something you might be interested in please feel free to email .Thank you for your time and have a nice day

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  1. Wow.

    (That's all I have.)

      1. Something about that ad makes me question their attention to detail.

        1. That sounds grate. Due you think they also right term papers for studants? I NNNEEED help with mine.

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          1. re: tcamp

            Good thing I was just drinking water . . . it didn't hurt so much coming out of my nose when I laughed at your post!

          2. Biggest objective of a menu re-write is to make people WANT to have those dishes, NOW.

            If you can't sell YOUR business (cripes, if you can't even write a grammatically correct sentence), you sure as hell can't sell MINE.