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Mar 15, 2011 04:46 AM

Glory Days - Damn Fine Burger for $5

One of the best burger deals in DC area is Glory Days' $5 burger deal on Mondays. Had one last night, their All-American classic burger. You can order it done the way you like. I had mine medium rare, and it came out perfect, red on the inside and juicy. The bun was more like a hard roll, and topped with with nice piece tomato, leaf lettuce, and red onion plus a pickle wedge. Comes with a side. I think they make the best cole slaw in any restaurant. It's not RHB, but for the money you can't beat this deal.

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  1. For the price I agree. The nearest one to me is there by Lawyers - is that the one you go to?

    I do keep forgetting to go by there on Mondays for this deal. Wish you would've posted on Sunday ;)

    Also late night they have a good wing special that's good. I think it's after 9pm every night. Half price.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      I went to the one in Centreville.

    2. I agree. Nothing at all wrong with this burger, and it's a lot of food for five bucks. Those five dollar lunches I seek are getting harder to find. I like the bun, and also like that there's a choice of sides, some of them (broccoli and carrots) even healthful. I haven't tried the cole slaw, but I'd prefer my fries without the seasoned salt. I've never remembered to ask if I can get them unsalted.

      Red, Hot and Blue's Monday $5 burger special used to be only after 5 PM, but it's now all day. I go to the Express brance in Falls Church and lately the burgers have been on the dry side, but I suspect this varies with the branch.

      1. For the location and price, it's pretty good. I had a patty melt that was nice and juicy there. I have problems w/ all the TVs.

        I think an overlooked place for burgers is Boardwalk Burger and Fries, not the Boardwalk fries you see in malls but there's one in Alexandria/Kingstown area. I think it's comparable to Five Guys. Not a place I'd go out of my way to visit but if I were in the area and wanted a burger, it beats Johnny Rockets by a long shot.

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          There's a Boardwalk Burger & Fries in Beltsville. The food was very good, the service exceptional.