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Pace (Laurel Canyon)

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Anyone been?

I am tasked with finding a double-date location. Two are foodies, two.....are not (to say the least). So, reasonable price=very important for the non-foodies, and great food=very important for the foodies.

Want to try something new, so.....Westside, Hollywood, etc.


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  1. It's not really a foodie place per se, but I think Pace is a good place for a double date anyway. Pizzas and pastas are solid, and ambiance is cozy. It might be a stretch to call it great food, but I don't think you're going to get a nice atmosphere, truly great food and a reasonable price all together, so you might as well go for Pace.

    1. I've been there on 2 double dates. The ambiance is warm and cozy - and the food is actually pretty good. I've had delicious pizzas,fish and veggies - and they have a good dip to start. I've always enjoyed it and so have the foodies and non foodies alike in the group.

      1. I would say it IS a bit of a foodie place bc they use organic ingredients. I quite like the food there -- pizza is pretty good, but lasagne is v oily/greasy...
        Ambience is sweet.

        1. They have a salmon dish roasted on a piece of cedar with root veggies. It is very, very good. Highly recommended.

          1. I just got my dinner reservations cancelled by Pace b/c I had a group of 6 between the hours of 8 and 9pm...........Say what???
            I went to Opentable to make the reservations, no issue then I get a call telling me it was a glitch and if I wanted to cancel...My future in laws fly in from Cleveland and anything later would be like midnight for these folks.
            Does that happen??
            Last minute replacement help??

            1. Caffe Angeli on Melrose.
              Ethiopoian on Fairfax (most places in Little Ethiopia are good..I likea Rahel Veggie and Messob)

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                2nd the Angeli recommendation...all will be happy - Ethiopian, tasty but may be over the top for the nons...

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                  If it's for tonight, be sure to call Angeli beforehand. They usually have family-style dinners on Thursday nights.

              2. went to Pace a few months ago...it was okay. nothing special. i remember going a few years ago and really loved it.

                try Pane e Vino on Beverly (near LaCienega) for double date. beautiful outdoor patio, nice romantic vibe - pretty trees, little white lights - good food.