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Mar 15, 2011 01:15 AM

Lompoc Wine Ghetto - What are your favorites?

I'll be driving through Santa Barbara County on Thursday and have a brief amount of time for some wine tasting. I'm interested in trying wines from the Santa Rita Hills AVA and figured that a stop in the industrial park known as the Lompoc Wine Ghetto might be an efficient way to taste be back on the road quickly. Taste of Santa Rita Hills is on my list. What are your other favorite stops here?

Lompoc Wine Ghetto
Industrial Way N 9th St, Lompoc, CA 93436

Taste of Santa Rita Hills
1505 E Chestnut Ave, Lompoc, CA 93436

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  1. The Ghetto should suit your needs perfectly, Melanie. Last November drove down from Arroyo Grande with a pal and was able to cover quite a bit of ground in just an hour. We started at Palmina, always some interesting wines here and as we were leaving the nice ladies steered us over to ToSRH. Antonio is a great fellow to sit and talk to, he might be pouring more than a half dozen different labels at any given time but we ended up just purchaing his (Syrah and Pinot iirc) offerings under the Moretti label.

    Continuing our loop we bypassed the zoo at Loring since we were both familiar with most of their wines and headed to Fiddlestix, then across 9th St. to Jalama and Ampelos, purchasing several bottles at each. Sorry can't recall them since we were having such a good time talking to the winemakers. It's sure been fun over the past few months pulling out a bottle or two and sharing with friends. Looking forward to hearing about your experience. I'll try to find time a little later to make note of some of our finds.



    [ETA] Partial list of the wines we picked up:

    09 Dolcetto
    06 Nebbiolo SBC
    05 Nebbiolo (can't recall which vineyards)
    09 Tocai Friulano

    06 Gamma Syrah SRH

    08 Mourvedre Camp 4
    08 Pinot Noir Cargasacchi

    07 Syrah SRH

    also picked up a couple of Gruner Veltliers, one from Chien and the 09 Zocker.

    BTW here's a link to a convient PDF of the Wine Ghetto

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      Wrong address above for Palmina Winery tasting Room. THey are at-1520 East Chestnut Court,
      Lompoc, California 93436
      See: http://www.palminawines.com/tastingro...

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        Thanks for catching that, Bruce, I've deleted it.

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        Thanks, glad to know that I can work through so much in a short amount of time. I had a 5-minute winery visit on Monday, managing to taste two wines and buy a bottle before closing.

        Palmina Winery Tasting Room
        1520 E Chestnut Ct, Lompoc, CA 93436

      3. Melanie,
        I'm pretty sure you know about him but Brian Loring is in the "Ghetto" too. He's open by appointment on Thursdays, and it doesn't appear that he went to Family Winemakers so he'll likely be around then.


        I'm also fond of Jalama in the Ghetto (the Cargasacchi family knows what it's doing). And Pali is just a mile or so away [ http://www.paliwineco.com/ ], by appointment on Thursdays.

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          I think Brian moved out and is now sharing space with Pali in a "real" winery.

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            Thanks, I've tasted with Brian Loring in SF at Family Winemakers.

            Wondering if I should try to make an appointment with Peter Cargasacchi as a first stop and then proceed to the Ghetto?

            1601 W Central Ave Unit F, Lompoc, CA 93436

            Jalama Wines
            308 N 9th St, Lompoc, CA 93436

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              Yes. To be truthful I've found Peter's wines to be a step above his brother's (if just a small step)............ AND you get Peter as well. From his winery websites it appears as if he's harder to pin down. I didn't think of him because the Cargasacchi site lists no tasting at all and Point Conception says he does it just a few times a year. [http://www.pointconcepcionwines.com/c...].

              Aside: Peter's a real character. I've often wondered whether, if you got Peter Cargasacchi and Gary Pisoni in the same room, it might explode.

              1601 W Central Ave Unit F, Lompoc, CA 93436

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                Thanks. Gary Pisoni can make rooms explode all on his lonesome. :-P

          2. Palmina , Flying Goat, Ampelos and Fiddlehead are regular stops. However, with visitors we'll normally pick one or two wineries whose wines are not distributed widely .

            1. My wife and I are very familiar with the Lompoc Wine "Ghetto" and know most wineries there. This past weekend we stopped in to taste at 2 new wineries: Taste of Sta. Rita Hills and Zotovich Cellars. Antonio, the owner of Taste, was very nice and was pouring Brewer-Clifton/Gypsy Canyon. He pours wines for wineries that don't have tasting rooms open to the public. Zotovich is a small producer of wines grown on their Santa Rita Hills Estate vineyard off of Route 246. We love the Estate Pinot Noir and Viognier and signed up for their 3-bottle/yr wine club. The two new tasting rooms are across the way from each other. Nice to see some fresh faces in the Ghetto. Best of luck!