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Mar 14, 2011 11:16 PM

Fa La La - new Falafel place on Durant

Opens on the 15th. Don't know anything about it except a friend told me about it.

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  1. they lost me at 'chocolate falafels'

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    1. re: Mission

      but when i think about it, there's not that big a stretch from chocolate covered peanuts to chocolate covered garbanzos. kinda creative, actually.

      1. re: escargot3

        Whats next? Chocolate...

        Banh Mi

        1. re: Mission

          We've moved a discussion of Mole tacos and burritos to this thread:

    2. I look forward to trying it. I have been to several parties the chef/owner catered, and the food was always great.

      1. i hope they do OK. there's already a few falafel joints in that area. Sunrise, D'yar, Maoz

        1. We just went to Fa La La and it was wonderful. The pita bread alone is worth the trip. It is nothing like those cardboardy rounds you get in the grocery store. They are fluffy and chewy. Fill them with crunchy falafels and fresh salad toppings and you have a very tasty meal! The french fries were addictive. They are golden brown and crunchy and don't get soggy like other fries do. They also make fresh orange juice. And then there is the chocolate falafel... yummy. They taste like tiramisu. Really good! .

          1. FYI if you are planning to check it out this week, this is now on their website:

            We will be closed for spring break beginning march 21.

            Check here for updates and hours of operation.

            Please come and try us out soon.

            thank you.