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Mar 14, 2011 09:15 PM

Tutti Santi by Nina - Gilbert

Tried the new Tutti Santi location in Gilbert (Greenfield/Warner) tonight. What a disappointment...

First of all the food was fantastic. They brought a very lightly dressed salad with a single tomato slice before our entrees. The salad was forgettable. I ordered the Veal Marsala with Fettuccine Alfredo. Mrs. LBX had the Chicken Della Casa. Both were absolutely delicious. We ordered an appetizer portion of Gnocchi for our 14 month old daughter. The portions were very small. I'm not sure if the Gilbert crowd will tolerate the prices with the small portions they're offering. The appetizer portion of Gnocchi was literally about 12-15 small pieces in a small ramekin with Alfredo and Red sauce which was $10.95.

The reason it was a such a disappointment is that the service was horrible. I was carrying my daughter while we were brought to our table by the host/bartender. He left us with our menus and walked away before we even sat down and didn't offer us a high chair. My wife had to go get one. We were able to order drinks right away because the bartender came to check on us but we didn't see a waitress for quite some time. We did get water and bread fairly quickly but we never saw the busboy again. It took about 15-20 minutes to get our salad after we ordered our entrees. Then it took about another 15-20 minutes to get our entrees. Which is an eternity when you're dining with a 1 year old. She's very well behaved but sitting for 40 minutes before she gets her food is not easy for anyone.

There were 12 other people in the restaurant aside from us. There was one waitress covering most of the tables (a lot of them outside on the patio, we were inside), one other waiter who was also making antipasto plates in the open portion of the kitchen, the host/bartender, and one busboy. So I guess my point is that they were not very busy and we should have been better taken care of. The kitchen couldn't have been very busy. It didn't seem like there was food flying out of there. It was apparent they the skeleton crew they had was definitely stretched to the limits.

We will probably be back to give them one more shot to get it right because the food really was terrific. Hopefully they can work out their service issues. Otherwise I fear they will suffer the same fate as Amarone that they replaced...


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  1. Are they affiliated with the dobson/guadalupe location or the 16th/maryland location?

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      Same owner as 16th/maryland, 64th/greenway, and 92nd/shea- not sure about the dobson/guadalupe location.

      I love their ravioli and gnocchi - gnochhi is very light and fluffy. It is a little pricey but their entrees all come with a soup or salad which I think helps make up for some of the cost. I also really like how they will substitute gnocchi as a side for my entree instead of the regular spaghetti. I've never had bad service at one of their locations but typically have sat at the bar where it's usually a little easier to get people attention.

    2. Just added a new Tutti Santi by Nina entry in the places database for this location (which opened sometime in the past two weeks).

      Tutti Santi By Nina
      832 S Greenfield Rd #101, Gilbert, AZ 85296