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Mar 14, 2011 08:24 PM

HELP! I can't find Brach's spice jelly beans anywhere in the city! Really!

I'm pretty excited to finally have a reason to post here, after having lurked for years. I only wish it was for a less-frustrating reason.

I actually thought that Brach's had discontinued their spice jelly beans in favor of the "classic" fruit variety after having no luck whatsoever at finding them anywhere. I've been to NINE different drugstores and three grocery stores in various parts of the city--the UES, LES, and in-between areas--and no luck whatsoever. The best I've been able to find is a bag of all-black licorice beans. But the spiced kind are available from many sources online.

So, what gives? Where are the spice jelly beans hiding? It's not usually this hard to find my beloved "gramma candy" here in the city--readily-available Necco Wafers, check... C Howard's violets... Licorice allsorts, no problem... Yes, clove is my favorite flavor! How did you know? Did I mention I'm 22?

Although I haven't been there to check, I don't think Economy Candy carries them. I'm out of ideas and the drugstore lighting is starting to give me a tan.

Can anybody help?

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  1. e-mail Brach's, maybe you can purchase a carton

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    1. re: pbjluver

      Thanks, but I'm not having a hard time finding them online. (That's how I found out that they weren't discontinued in the first place.) I just don't want to resort to doing that unless I have to.

      The trouble is with finding them in ANY brick-and-mortar store here. Every Duane Reade and CVS had them last year; what happened?

    2. I found them for you! I live in Massachusetts, and Target has them. I am sure a target in your area has them. They also have Brachs "classic" and "all black" jellybeans.

      I hope this helps you!

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      1. re: pastrychica

        Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, NYC's relationship with big box stores is a weird one. We have very few of them in general, have no Wal-Mart, and didn't have a Target at all until a few years ago. That Target is located in Brooklyn, too, which is both out of the scope of this board and very much out of my way. To further compound the problem, the [what I think of as] pleasant homogeneity of the big box store elsewhere in America is completely lost here in the city--they are usually really filthy, poorly-stocked, and full of the surliest employees. Most of our fast food options here are like this, too.

        But none of this overshadows how grateful I am that you came down (digitally) from MA to try to help out! Thank you, I appreciate the effort a lot.

        1. re: drasil

          There's a Target in Manhattan now, near Spanish Harlem. In the same building as a Costco. The stores are well stocked, and clean for what it's worth.

          The Brach's candy you're looking for is readily available, but you'll have to venture into a chain store to find it either way.

      2. Gristedes used to carry a full line of Brachs.

        1. I saw them two days ago at the CVS on Fulton and Nassau. Or maybe they were the generic brand, cant be sure.

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          1. re: secondbecky

            I'll check it out. Sometimes I'm down there to eat at Little Lad's. Thanks for the tip.

            Little Lad's Basket
            120 Broadway, New York, NY 10005

          2. Today (3/26/11) I found Brach's spice jelly beans in the Rite Aid located at the corner of 6th Ave. and 13th Street. They were with the rest of the Easter candies behind a pillar maybe 1 or 2 shelves from the bottom.

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            1. re: bxgrrl

              Okay, awesome. I'm going to go check there tomorrow. You got to me just in the nick of time--I was about to give up and order some huge bulk quantity online. My digestive tract thanks you.

              I'll come back here to report my findings.

              1. re: bxgrrl

                The Rite Aid on Hudson and Charles has them, too.