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Mar 14, 2011 05:26 PM

Rino's Place

I've been to Rino's Place once. The food was awesome but the wait was 3+ hours. It was a Friday night.

Has anyone been there on a Sunday night? I'd love to take my parents there while they are visiting, but waiting a long time, outside, would not work for them.

But, if it's not crazy busy (in general), I think we can swing it.


Rino's Place
258 Saratoga Street, Boston, MA 02128

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  1. I found it busy but manageable most weeknights before Guy Fieri, generally packed but with a short wait at most. I avoided it on weekends. Lunch was always an easy time to go. Since the DDD episode aired, I haven't been back.

    1. It's been mentioned that if you have 6 people in your party, you can get a reservation. Otherwise, you could take your chances & show up on Saturday about 4:30 & you might get seated right away. If it's still a 3 hour wait at that point, you could maybe put in your name, drive to Square One Mall & do a little shopping, & you'll still be able to do dinner there at 7:30, which isn't too late.

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        I attempted to go there this past Saturday at 4:10, post-workout, totally starving -- I know, bad idea -- and ready to eat the bejesus out of some pasta only be told we were facing "at least" a three and a half hour wait. They did offer to take down a phone number, but I left my boyfriend in charge of the decision making and he declined to do that. Apparently people started lining up at 2:30 to put their names down. I already couldn't stand Guy Fieri...

        Anyhow, according to their website, they are closed on Sunday. My roommate and her dad ate there around 4:30 on a Thursday a few weeks ago and she said it was pretty empty.