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Mar 14, 2011 04:55 PM

not too expensive between Chelsea (23rd st. or so) and Penn Station for an 89 year old but cosmopolitan grammy

My wife, son, and I will be accompanying grammy back to Penn Station after a day in the city (she's coming in for various galleries and avant-garde art exhibits -- which, I hope, gives a sense of her personality). Where to eat? It needs to work for a 4 year old but also an 89 year old. She loves salmon, she loves bento boxes (esp. with salmon). She loves trying new things (last time, I took her to K-town to have korean barbecue and she loved that). I was thinking Izakaya Ten (the 4 year old loves it and will eat rice with soy) but any kind of cuisine would be fine as long as it's in the area (we're all meeting up around 23rd and 6th after some appointments), fits our needs, and is not too expensive. Any suggestions?

Izakaya Ten
207 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011

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  1. Grand Sichuan 24th and 9th?

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      Probably a bit too spicy for Grammy but a good suggestion otherwise. I LOVE GS -- esp. the branch down on 6th and Bleecker.

    2. You might think of Co. on Ninth Avenue near 23rd - various things on toast followed by pizza. I haven't been to Txikoto, near by, but it could be a possibility too.