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Mar 14, 2011 04:37 PM

Belzano Ristorante in Brick- disappointed

My husband and I decided to try this place out tonight and we were both disappointed.

Upon walking in the door, the decor was pretty plain and cafe like. They have a wood fired stove for pizza which I was excited about, but I didn't smell it like you normally can. The waiter was young and didn't know how to pronounce things on the specials like "Tilapia". He was young so I will give him a pass. My husband ordered the Lasagna and he said the sauce was too sweet. I ordered the Marinara pizza which was topped with Gaeto olives, capers, anchovies and basil. The pizza crust was quite good, thin and crispy, but the toppings were just too overpowering.

I don't see us going back.

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  1. Just drove by the Brick store, which is closed (after just 3-4 months) with chairs stacked on tables and outdoor signs removed, except that the signs have retained the N and O. One of the Hounds has mentioned that the Princeton store was also closed - and replaced by O Forno, with a Portuguese-Italian theme, so maybe they're planning to revive as O Forno in Brick, too.

    For the record, my wife and I are sad about this closing - after only 4 months! We'd tried Belzano/Brick twice - and both experiences were positive. The first was a takeout order of a plain pizza and a Bolognese pasta; the pizza was good (not great), and the pasta was very good. Then we went for a sit-down dinner and enjoyed it. Good soup, tasteless salad, good pasta (but I know what you mean about the sweetness), pretty good pizza and good dessert (Zeppoles), and our waiter was young but really engagingly enthusiastic, so my hopes are up for the next version...

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      They must move quickly. We just drove by the Brick location and it does indeed say O Forno now. Never made it to Belzano and to be honest probably won't rush to O Forno either.


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        Thanks for the quick feedback, Missy. We'll probably/eventually try the new place and will report back here if there's anything worth noting. Meantime, for us the most significant recent Brick-area culinary events were Erik's Bistro 44 departure and our discovery of Denino's South.