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Mar 14, 2011 04:19 PM

Guess this Steak!

My order of quarter side of beef included this steak with a name on its package. Can anyone guess what the cut or name of this cut of beef is called. The longest steak was about 6-1/2" long.

Clue: It's an old-timer name.

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  1. Looks like ribeye to me.Or a very well marbled striploin?

    1. Like Pete, it looks like a ribeye. I don't get why it is an old-timer name

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          According to wiki culottes are short pants :D

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            Well, looking at those steaks, my breath is coming in … oh, never mind.


      1. Looks like Chuck Eye to me, especially the one on the right.

        1. Delmonico steaks. Commonly called Ribeye steak. One on the left is clear cut, center cut. One on the right looks like an end cut. I can hear them sizzling in my cast iron pan.

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            Will Owen and awm922. Correct! The two were in one package and labeled "Delmonico steaks."

            DH followed ATK or CI advice. He put in 275 oven for 20 minutes to heat the steaks to 100 degrees. Then he fried in a hot pan to medium-rare.

            1. re: Rella

              Interesting cooking technique. I hadn't heard of that. Hope they turned out great.

              I take it that what people mean here by Delmonico is a boneless rib eye? (That's what I usually suppose, but there are competing ideas on that score.)

              In any case, might the one on the right, which awm922 smartly sees as an end-cut rib-eye, be the same thing as a chuck eye steak? The chuck eye is taken from the chuck end of the rib section, but there are only two or so of those per steer. The one on the left, however, definitely has rib-eye shape.

          2. Rib Eye on left, Strip Loin on right......