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Mar 14, 2011 04:14 PM

Philly girl needs Boston help

I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Boston, but haven't made it there yet. However, my son and 3 friends went during their spring break. We gave them the number of my husband's cousin who lives there (of course we warned him :) and they actually met up with him. Well, not only did he tell them what not to miss, but treated them to a very expensive lunch. How nice you Bostonians are!!!!! I would love to send him something really nice in appreciation. He's single and spends much time at work, so I was thinking a muffin basket sent to work. I would appreciate any suggestions for a local bakery who does anything like this. Thanks for any suggestiions!!!!

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  1. Flour Bakery gets a lot of attention around Boston. Here is their website, showing what they might send to your husband's cousin's office. Unfortunately, the delivery fee may be higher than you planned for a simple thank you gift. Perhaps some other folks will have ideas for other bakeries.

    Flour Bakery + Cafe
    12 Farnsworth St, Boston, MA

    1. Rosies bakery is another option, but you must order brownies...they are delish! If he has a sweet tooth, these will surely satisfy

      1. Dancing Deer Baking Co. is another good choice. Again, the brownies rule!

        1. Not to go off topic, but that's the first time I have heard us called "so nice!"......I guess CH's are a cut above :)

          1. I haven't tried this place yet, “7ate9 Bakery” delivers in the Boston area, and since I adore cheesecake and delivery, I'm hoping to try it sometime soon.

            On the muffin front, offers a fantastic variety of really delicious muffins (although they are in the cupcakes-pretending-to-be-muffins family) and they offer shipping.