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Philly girl needs Boston help

I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Boston, but haven't made it there yet. However, my son and 3 friends went during their spring break. We gave them the number of my husband's cousin who lives there (of course we warned him :) and they actually met up with him. Well, not only did he tell them what not to miss, but treated them to a very expensive lunch. How nice you Bostonians are!!!!! I would love to send him something really nice in appreciation. He's single and spends much time at work, so I was thinking a muffin basket sent to work. I would appreciate any suggestions for a local bakery who does anything like this. Thanks for any suggestiions!!!!

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  1. Flour Bakery gets a lot of attention around Boston. Here is their website, showing what they might send to your husband's cousin's office. http://flourbakery.com/catering.php Unfortunately, the delivery fee may be higher than you planned for a simple thank you gift. Perhaps some other folks will have ideas for other bakeries.

    Flour Bakery + Cafe
    12 Farnsworth St, Boston, MA

    1. Rosies bakery is another option, but you must order brownies...they are delish! If he has a sweet tooth, these will surely satisfy

      1. Dancing Deer Baking Co. is another good choice. Again, the brownies rule!


        1. Not to go off topic, but that's the first time I have heard us called "so nice!"......I guess CH's are a cut above :)

          1. I haven't tried this place yet, “7ate9 Bakery” delivers in the Boston area, and since I adore cheesecake and delivery, I'm hoping to try it sometime soon. http://winchester.patch.com/articles/...

            On the muffin front, http://gingerbreadusa.com offers a fantastic variety of really delicious muffins (although they are in the cupcakes-pretending-to-be-muffins family) and they offer shipping.

            1. I would send him something uniquely philadelphian rather than something from boston.... we don't have soft pretzels, cheesesteaks, tastycakes, strombolis, or goldenberg peanut chews, or scrapple. But don't send scrapple - if we didn't grow up with it (and we didn't) there is no chance that we will enjoy it. The rest of the stuff above would be fun to get, and should be simple for you to find and ship.

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                That was my initial though as well. I sure could go for some Turtle Soup from Bookbinders right about now......

              2. Sadly, it looks like Gingerbread Construction Co. doesn't offer delivery. They do have gift cards, though:

                If you decide to go a cookie route, Geoff & Drew's are local and really good. I send them to my Dad every year for his birthday:

                Gingerbread Construction Co
                562 Washington St, Winchester, MA

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                  I think they do, but via UPS, not via a homey Gingerbread truck at your door. http://gingerbreadusa.com/shipping

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                    Oh, thanks! I read the part on the website where it said muffins were only available in their shops. Didn't realize that they will ship the breads and cookies.

                2. Thank you all so much for the suggestions. I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at all these delicious websites! I found out today that he has a weakness for cookies, so I went with Geoff and Drews and sent them to his house so he wouldn't have to share ;). Thanks again everybody, I knew I would get the best ideas here.