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Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about Pellegrino water?

I've done my homework looking up the content, and I like the fact that it is bottled in glass.

I recall having it before and it was very bitter, or is this just me? Or is the bitterness one of the reasons people like it and buy it?

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  1. I had a bottle of Pellegrino in my hand when I walked in and saw your post. I like the flavor, though I would not call in bitter but maybe just a little mineral....but then it is also called mineral water. I buy it by the case at Costco and generally use it at dinner parties or to dilute juices and sodas.

    1. I don't buy mineral water for home use but come across San Pellegrino in restaurants fairly often, particularly Italian ones. I quite like the taste, finding it fairly neutral in comparision with a couple of other well known ones. Works very well with food I find

      1. I'd rather order and drink Pellegrino instead of wine in a restaurant

        1. It's not bitter, it has a fairly neutral taste.

          I hate Pellegrino...I'll easily drink 2 large bottles a day during the summer. PITA lugging the cases home and recycling them. That's easily 2 cases a week.

          They sell it at Starbucks in the small bottles, you can give it a try again.

          1. It's fantastic water, I agree with escondido, I wouldn't describe it as bitter but it does have a nice mineral taste to it.

            1. Pellegrino is one of my favorite bottled sparkling waters. It does have a distinct flavor, slightly alkaline, which is bitter.

              1. I think the sodium content of San Pellegrino is incredibly high. It's 36.1 milligrams per liter. I swear the water tastes salty to me, especially when I'm drinking San Pellegrino in Italy where the contrast between its high sodium content and the lower sodium of the more local Italian brands is really obvious.

                San Benedetto, another Italian sparking water, is a widely available, both in Italy and in the US. To my taste buds, San Benedetto has a far more appealing taste. Bonaqua is another Italian brand of sparking water that's low in sodium, but I can't be confident I've seen this in the US.

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                  I agree. I like it, but I can taste the salt. Its subtle, but its definitely there.

                2. the one fizzy mineral water I don't like is the French Badoit. It's like drinking sherbet-y salts and chalk. Pellegrino has a perfect amount of fizz.

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                    You'll want to steer well clear of Vichy Catalan, then, smartie.

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                      That's strange, because the original Badoit is my favorite of all (not the supercharged one in the red bottles). It seems slightly less carbonated than Pellegrino. I was joking the other day to my husband about poor man's Badoit - grocery store seltzer left open in the fridge overnight. Quite like it, actually.

                    2. If less expensive for you, W(T)F house brand of Italian sparkling water is made by Pellegrino. Get the glass bottles as the plastic seem to leach out the bubbles with time. As Escondido said Costco is the best price for the real thing.

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                        I love Pellegrino, too--straight or mixed in a variety of adult fizzy lifting drinks (!)--but yours is hands-down the best shorthand for Whole Foods I've ever read--NICE! :) HA HA HA!

                      2. I much prefer Gerolsteiner (I hope I got that right) over Pellegrino. Gerol just seems to have a crisper, purer taste IMO than Pellegrino which makes it better for general drinking and cutting my orange juice in the morning (love the carbonated oj)!

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                          Gerolsteiner is my absolute favorite mineral water, with Pellegrino a distant second. However, I recently found out about high uranium levels not fit for consumption for young children.