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Mar 14, 2011 03:16 PM

Hot Dogs and Sausages in Reno, anyone?

I stopped for lunch today at the little hot dog stand on Plumb Lane (across the street from the RESCO store). It's operated by an 88 year old WW2 veteran and his spouse, and they offer Italian Sausage, Polish Sausage, and Hebrew National Hot Dogs for very reasonable prices.

My Italian Sausage ($4) was cooked perfectly, apparently simmered for a long time to make it tender and juicy, and the spicy heat of the hot sausage was just right. The fellow who operates the stand (really, an aluminum cart), tells me that he's originally from Brooklyn, and he has his Italian Sausage made in Sacramento from his mother's old Sicilian family recipe. He also makes a Sicilian sauce that perfectly complements the sausage (again, his mother's recipe, he says).

Feedback on the Polish Sausage and Hot Dog ($3) was heard to get at first, since the other customers having them weren't waiting very long between bites, but eventually they told me that they enjoyed them tremendously, raving about how tender and flavorful they were.

The old fellow's wife told me that they were there every day except Wednesday and Sunday, unless the weather was lousy, and had been open there since last August.

I'll admit to having had my share of hot dogs at Costco from time to time for a little less money, but these were much better. Next time I'm on Plumb Lane, I'll probably make a slight detour, especially if it's anywhere near lunch time....

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  1. Bill, thank you SO much for posting this. We drive past the guy so often. We'll definitely stop next time.

    1. Exactly where is this cart? Sounds great.

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        It's in/on an empty corner lot right across Plumb from the Resco, the restaurant supply store. They weren't there yesterday probably because of the weather. We will definitely be stopping, not only for the food but would love to talk to these folks.

        1. re: c oliver

          They weren't there because it was Wednesday.

          They aren't there on Wednesdays and Sundays (or on bad weather days), as mentioned in the original post.

          1. re: bill2975

            Aw shoot, Bill, I forgot that :) We're heading back to Reno today and will be there til Tuesday so we'll definitely catch them.

            We went to Resco where I bought a 10qt., stainless steel, induction compatible stock pot. It's gorgeous :)