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Mar 14, 2011 02:15 PM

APDC Cabane a Sucre

I'm looking for people who have visited Au Pied De Cochon's Cabane a Sucre. We were not fortune enough to luck into reservations while we are going to be in the area, but we wanted to make a stop there to see it and I was wondering if they have a storefront where we could buy items, such as their meat pie etc. Alot of people have posted on forums that you can buy items to go as customers, but I'd love to know the extent of the storefront (if they even have one). What's there to buy? Prices reasonable? Walk in area or only for those reserved? Any info would be great. We'll be up there on the 27th of march.


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  1. (see the other Cabane thread)
    Marie Claude Lortie wrote in "La Presse" that on sunday nights, you should be ok to get a reservation; you should call and make a reservation anyway if oyu want to go; but if you are in the area, you can stop by ...

    The web site for the Cabane does not say that they have stuff to sell, and at the regular restaruant, only a couple of items are available.

    Prices : $54 before taxes and tips and booze.


    1. Alongside the bar in the front of the dining room, there's a counter space where you can buy touristy t-shirts and maple syrup, etc. I didn't take a look at all there was to offer because I wasn't interested, but I believe the tourtieres go for $10-20 (1/2-full) but to be honest, I would not bother driving 45 mins. if you're not going to eat there. If you're only a party of two though, you might be able to get a seat at the bar if you go outside of standard or high traffic times. You can also call and ask about cancellations because apparently there's been a few each week. It would seem like a major waste of time to drive all the way out to this place just to check out the 'storefront', which unless I completely missed out, was nothing more than a small counter space in a very busy dining room with much more focus on merchandise than food items.

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        thanks for letting me know, we'll be in the area anyways (oka, intermiel and nid outruche) so it's not out of our way at all. We've already gone ahead and made reservations at another sugar camp, and while we're in montreal the day before we are heading to the actual restaurent with reservations for dinner. So, you can see that we certainly don't mind checking it out for the meat pies etc that they might have there. Since we've already made all our dinner reservations, we'll try again next year to experience the actual cabane food.

        thanks guys, if anyone out there has any other info, let me know!

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          Just returned, and we are glad we stopped in at the sugar shack. Martin was even there tossing wood around the wood pile. We went in and the place was packed as is expected and there was no parking available (all full). We parked on the driveway and went in (its the last door on the right of a very long building), the counter where they sell stuff is at the back, so just walk by all the people eating and look for the cash register. They sell meat pies, caramel corn, doughnuts, beef jerky, maple butter, t-shirts and I think I saw some frozen meats. Even though we didn't have reservations (so we felt a bit out of place) the guys behind the counter were super nice, ecspecially when we said we tried to get in but weren't able to get the very rare reservations. We haven't tried anything we bought yet, but I think we only spent $36 bucks (pie, doughnuts, maple butter, and some maple treats).