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Mar 14, 2011 02:05 PM

Reheating for a party

I made a batch of steamed beef dumplings and put them in the freezer for a party I'm hosting next week. I have read online that it's best to reheat them in a steamer or in a pan (as pot-stickers), but I don't want to be standing over them when I have guests around. I know it might not be ideal, but if I wanted to reheat them in the microwave or the oven, how should I do it? Thaw them first and then heat, or heat directly from the freezer? At what temperature and how long in the oven? Or for how long in the microwave?


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  1. I'd suggest setting the steamer up and, after thawing, use that to warm them up. You don't have to watch the steamer - just start it and step away until they're warm before putting them on a serving tray. Because there are so many variables in the power of different makes/models of microwaves it is virtually impossible to offer an intelligent suggestion for how long and at what level to heat them using that method. I wouldn't use the microwave because it tends to develop 'hot spots" in the foods being warmed and that can give false readings re: the overall temperature of the food item you're working with.

    1. So you already cooked the dumplings? Too late now but for the future, I think I'd freeze uncooked. But I agree with todao about steaming. MW also seems like it would toughen the wrapper. Baking? Trying to get my brain around that one but failing. Have a fun party.

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        Thaw. Put them on a rack on a sheet pan, put some water in the sheet pan, cover tightly with heavy-duty tin foil, and heat. No risk of tearing as there would be piling them into a steamer.

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          I'd had that thought but was reluctant to suggest. Glad you did.

        2. I also have a reheating for a party Q, if i may piggy-back on your thread :)
          One of the things I want to make is grilled cheese triangles. Can I make them ahead of time and cool without it getting soggy, then pop into the oven just before serving? I want the bread to be crisp and the cheese to be hot and gooey, but I may scrap it if it's not possible to do ahead of time and re-heat.