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Mar 14, 2011 01:33 PM

San Fran and Napa Valley Vacation - Fresh, healthy, affordable choices?

My partner and I are headed to San Francisco and the Napa Valley for a week, and I'm looking for dining suggestions! Here are the details:

Location: Union Square and Napa (with a car in both locations, but close choices would be preferred)

Meals: All of the above (and we love good coffee enough to consider it our 4th meal)

Preferences: Her - pescatarian, otherwise not fussy
Him - fully an omnivore, but not terribly adventurous

The goal: Really good food! Money isn't an issue, but we genuinely just prefer casual meals. We're just after fresh, healthy, local delicious food.

I know there are a million of these threads on the board, but it seems like everyone is looking for the best of the best. Our trip is really about relaxation and biking, not fine dining, so we're just looking for tasty and comfortable.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Sounds like Canteen would be a good fit for you. Fresh, local and affordable (to me, anyway) plus easy walking distance from Union Square. It is small and casual but you do need reservations.

      1. re: grayelf

        Thanks! It does look great, although it doesn't look like they always have a meat-free option. I might give them a call though and see!

        1. re: CoffeeGal43

          We love Bottega in Yountville! :)

          6525 Washington Street Suite A9, Yountville, CA 94599

          1. re: CoffeeGal43

            I can't say whether Canteen always has a meat-free entree but they have the five times I've been over the last few years during Bay Area visits. And often it is that entree that is a favourite, though I like the chef's touch with beefy things also for him :-). I've also had some delightful fish dishes there, including some outstanding sand dabs.

      2. I don't know where you will be staying in Napa, but if you are biking, at some point you will be on the Silverado Trail. Just off the Silverado Trail in Calistoga, is Sol Bar at the Solage Resort. I've been several times for breakfast and lunch (never dinner) and it's excellent. Prices will range about $15 for entrees. Excellent service, great environment and Michelin 1 Star.

        1. The off-the-radar gem in Napa is Grace's Table in downtown. Lots of locally sourced ingredients, casual setting with amazing food, and is where the locals eat.

          There's no Chowhound link and it doesn't seem to want to let me add it (unless it is in Corvalis!)

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            I've added the restaurant to the database, the link for Grace's Table should show up in a few minutes. If you are able, please edit it to add the cuisine from the pull-down menu and other tags. Sounds like a gem.

            Grace's Table
            1400 2nd St, Napa, CA 94559

            1. re: CarrieWas218

              Mmm thank you! That looks exactly like the kind of place we're looking for, and it looks like an easy walk from our hotel (the Westin).

              1. re: CoffeeGal43

                If you are staying at The Westin, you might want to also consider Bistro Sabor or Zuzu for downtown fare that is affordable and healthy that the locals frequent.

                You are also walking distance to Oxbow Market and the more fancy establishments like Rotisserie and Wine and Morimoto's.

                Bistro Sabor
                1126 1st St, Napa, CA 94559

                610 Main Street, Napa, CA

            2. Ubuntu in downtown Napa. All vegetarian, all delicious.

              Ubuntu Restaurant & Yoga Studio
              1140 Main Street, Napa, CA 94558

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              1. re: TwoDogsDad

                Not anymore sadly... I was there this weekend. I plan post more about this later when I have more time... but for now I will just say that it was awful. I used to LOVE Ubuntu... so sad.

                1. re: lrealml

                  Sorry to hear that. We were there early last summer and it was great. What happened ?

                  1. re: TwoDogsDad

                    TwoDogsDad - Last summer, the Aaron the chef who took over, was just riding the coattails of Jeremy Fox who developed the cuisine. Now, going on a year later, we are learning that Aaron isn't quite able to maintain what was established and continue developing new menus effectively.

              2. if you're planning on biking in the city a ride down the Embarcadero would be beautiful - it will take you past the fabulous Ferry Building with all kinds of excellent casual dining stalls inside and the very tasty Market Bar restaurant with a big patio for sunny days, generally a great seasonal vegetarian omelet and always fresh fruit with delish St. Benoit yogurt. Fabulous people watching to boot! Sat & Sun brunch and I believe they've started weekday bfast have a great trip...