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Mar 14, 2011 01:30 PM

Any news on Storm in Asheville?

I read not too long ago that a rum bar called Storm was coming to the former Vinge' location. I've not heard nor seen anything since that time. Does anyone have updates? Im pretty excited for this one :)

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  1. I drive by there almost daily and have seen some construction activity here and there. No indications as to when they'll open though.

    1. I saw an ad hiring help recently. Want I'm most curious about - Does anyone know who the chef of Storm is?

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        According the the Ashevegas Blog :

        "The project is being undertaken by Tom Israel, David LeBoutillier and silent partner Jerry Scheer, all of whom have a considerable amount of restaurant experience under their belts."

      2. Storm is now open! They have their menu posted on their blog, nothing super exciting but looks fresh and worth a try. We are going for a friends Birthday next Sunday, I will report back :)