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Mar 14, 2011 12:28 PM

shipping wine out of Chicago -- anyone know of a shipper?

other than trying to pass my case of wine as olive oil or bbq sauce anyone know of a UPS / FED ex shipper that has a license to ship wine out of state?

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  1. That depends a lot of what state you are shipping to. All the states have different laws. I'm not sure a shipper with a license exists. You would probably have to find a retailer or wholesaler (perhaps even a winery but they are almost surely limited to their own wines) who has the license and is willing to help. Even then, I don't know enough about Illinois laws to give you good advice.

    Out of date laws force law-abiding people to ship "olive oil", "grape juice", "food stuffs", and the like. Some people have even recommended stuffing newspaper in the foam shipper around the tops of the bottles to keep the bottles from rattling.

    1. I would get in touch with Chris at Domaine Wine Storage in the city. They will help you out.
      You shouldn't need a license if you're sending samples of wine and not charging for it.

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        thanks for the feedback, i know the shipper needs a liquor license to ship alchol out of state even to one that allows it. I'll look up chris to see if he can help

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          Domaine is great...good rec. But it doesn't matter what the reason for shipping is, some companies will, some won't and it is up to the individual state as to what makes shipping legal or not.