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Mar 14, 2011 12:04 PM

Brooklyn-style food swap in DC?

Anybody as intrigued as I am by this article in yesterday's NY Times:

Artisan home cooks sharing their goodies sounds great. Anybody want to set one up around here?

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  1. I wonder if there is a site for such meet-ups. I would totally be in to trade my mandu and kimchi!

    1. This sounds fascinating! I'd be in for something like this!

      1. Anything come from this idea? I had read that article and thought the same thing!

        1. I'd be in big time! I can trade my red beans and rice sans rice and my soups...homemade pesto with fresh homegrown basil...

          1. Hey folks,

            I'm working on a project about food swapping, and am looking for people to talk to as part of my research. Any chance any of you guys who are interested in food swaps would be willing to chat with me for a few minutes? I would be most appreciative! It's for a grad school project and could turn into something awesome!!

            Many thanks in advance,


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            1. re: chowaholic

              I am. I usually try to this type of thing two times. New Year's Day with Paul Prudomme's RB and rice and again for the final MU/KU basketablll came. . I'm in Reston, but have done this for years and welcome more!

              1. re: Dennis S

                I moved from Brooklyn recently and miss this food swap a ton...

                1. re: Dennis S

                  I would love to join a food swap. would appreciate a heads up.

                  1. re: Soup

                    Well if everyone's on board for Reston, I'd do the red beans and rice on New Years Day. Stay half an hour or three hours - I don't care.

                    1. re: Dennis S

                      Dennis, I'm moving to Reston in VA and buying a car then. So after that, I'd be up for it.

                      1. re: terremotia

                        I didn't do the red beans for New Years, but am considering it for either sometime during Lent or maybe for an MU/KU game (though the first one is this Saturday and I'm not ready). My email is in my profile.