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Mar 14, 2011 12:03 PM

Best Thing I Ate All Week, March 6-13

I truly expected to say that the best thing I ate all week was from Mix downtown (Chris Dupont's new place) since I'd had plans to go there, but wasn't knocked out by the food (although the raison-studded bread that my pork belly sandwich was served on was incredible).

I will say the most interesting thing I had all week was the bean pie from Mrs. B's just down the block from there. BTW, Mrs. B's is something of a meat & three and from what I understand they don't serve pork at all, including as a seasoning in their vegetables, which may be good news for some...

Both restaurants mentioned above are in B'ham.

How about you? Maybe let's keep this discussion ongoing. Who had something really great last week?

---pics attached, 1.) pork belly sandwich at Mix, 2.) slice of bean pie from Mrs. B's

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    The gnocchi I had last week at Trattoria Central was very hearty and good.

    1. I'm not sure best is exactly the right word, but the most interesting thing I ate all week was a scoop of tuna tartare atop a slice of fried avocado at Babalu in Jackson. The best thing I drank? The mojito there is fabulous.

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        Wow, pkimble...that sounds *goooood*!

      2. Deepfried, you've piqued my curiosity with the bean pie! What was it like? Is it sweet? Bean pies were part of a subplot on Weeds and apparently they're a traditional Nation of Islam dish, which would fit with the pork-free restaurant.

        1. Had the bucatini special for lunch at Trattoria Centrale yesterday (thanks for the heads up @Big Daddy). It was great. Went to Mix afterwards and got a slice of their blueberry tart to take home. Ate it this morning (briefly warmed in the microwave). Absolutely killer. Y'all need to try that one.

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            Here's a picture of that delicious bucatini....