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Mar 14, 2011 11:40 AM

Burgos for roast lamb

I am driving from Segovia to Leon but was planning to swing via Burgos to try the famous roast lamb. I've heard various reports on Meson del Cid, Hostel Landa, and Casa Ojeda, etc. but I wondered if anyone here had specific recommendations. I'd probably prefer more traditional to modern and generally I am just as happy in places that are more casual rather than fancy.


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  1. For roast lamb: Casa Ojeda

    For morcilla: Landa

    For a tapas crawl head to Calle Sombrereria: Gaona Jardin, El Morito, El Soportal, Mesón Burgos... or Calle San Lorenzo near Plaza Mayor: Pancho, Los Herreros...

    1. You could also do a stopover in Sepúlveda. It's on the way to Burgos from Segovia. There's an asador there called Figon Zute el Mayor (Tinín). It's a pretty area with an unexpected gorge with lots of hiking and boating just out of town.

      1. This all depends upon your purpose. If you want to visit Burgos for other reasons than just a meal I suggest Meson del Cid over Ojeda. As a former resident of Burgos I always found Ojeda to be uncomfortably hot, their wine ill kept and their service poor. Also, if you are alone it is possible to have a menu at Meson del Cid with Castillian garlic soup, morcilla, 1/4 lamb and Burgos cheese. Beside it is across from the wonderful cathedral so request a window seat. If you are staying in Burgos overnight I would suggest visiting the two great tapas bars on Calle San Lorenzo, Pancho and Meson los Hereros. I would not suggest a stop at Landa as its is overpriced and poor (after maybe 20 meals there).

        On the other hand if you are not tied to Burgos for other reasons I would suggest you take the N122 and stop in either Roa (Nazareno) or Penafiel (Mauro) for your lamb.

        I also support the Tinin sggestion in Segovia province.