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Mar 14, 2011 10:52 AM

Beef Brisket

Looking to buy beef brisket in Oshawa. I wanted to prepare corned beef on St. Patricks Day. Any suggestions?

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  1. You want pre-corned or to corn it yourself? If it's the latter, a bit late, although for this weekend would be do-able if you inject the brine.

    I'm not terribly familiar with the Oshawa stores, but I've seen a nice looking brisket at my local Loblaws once. You might be able to pre-order, but that gets into your brine time (assuming that's what you're going for).

    Alternatively, if there are any Asian supermarkets in the area, you can find them there. I know T&T always carries them.

    1. I've always had a terrible time finding it at "normal" grocery stores. T&T does usually have it, as GG said, and I hear that Costco often carries it as well, though I don't have a membership so I've never been.
      Aside from that, I'd find a local butcher and have them get one in for you -- but yeah, you're a little short on time to finish it for Thursday.

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        I'm not sure about the rest of the costco stores , but hamilton stopped carring brisket, lack of demand they said

      2. You are too late for corning. That will take a several days, almost a week.
        There is a sale on Maple Leaf corned beef brisket at Loblaw and YIG, maybe even No Frills, at $4/lb.
        I tried one two days ago, selected a well marbled one (one of ten) and it was excellent but blandly spiced after a 2.5 hr boil in bag. I went back for another, well striated and fatty, and I'll prepare it with a pickle and paprika rub for St Paddy's with a pot au feu of vegetables.

        1. Buckingham Meats is the best meat in town. But as other said you need more time.

          1. I know that it is a little bit west of you but Bruno's on Hwy #2 & Rougemount (
            )has some very good store made corned beef. Suggest that you go there soon however.

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              Bruno's corned beef has a better taste than the Maple Leaf that you get from the grocery stores. I've had it a few times and quite liked it. I've been installing a kitchen backsplash so I missed out on my usual corned beef and colconnon for St. Patrick's Day, but it may turn out to be Sunday's dinner.

              Maple Leaf Restaurant
              1076 Cardiff Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5S1P3, CA